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WTS: Two Star Wars Destiny Decks

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piperider361 ( 76 )
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WTS: Two Star Wars Destiny Decks

Post by piperider361 » Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:11 pm

The last of my SW:D collection up for two decks. Not looking to split.

Villain deck: $210 shipped
Palpatine: 1 card, 2 dice
2x Force Lightning
2x Force Throw
2x Force Choke
2x Sith Holocron
2x Force Training
2x Command Shuttle
2x Mind Probe
Misc commons and uncommons

Hero deck: $100 shipped
Han: 1 card, 1 dice Finn: 1 card, 2 dice
2x Holdout Blaster
2x Jetpack
2x DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
2x Black Market
2x Datapad
2x F-11D Rifle
2x Electroshock
2x BB-8
Misc commons and uncommons

Will accept some misc 40k in trade:
IG Scout Sentinels (NiB or partially assembled only - intend to magnetize)
Genestealer Cults Neophytes with Flamers (or just the flamer bits) - Will purchase these with $$ as well
IG Leman Russ Kits (NiB only - intend to magnetize)
IG Basilisks
IG Manticore
IG Tempestus Scions
IG Wyvern
Tyranid Trygon (Assembled only)
DA Deathwing Knights
DA Ravenwing Black Knights
DA Land Speeder Vengeance & Dark Shrouds
Imperium Heroes of the Triumvirate Box w/ Celestine, Cawl, & Greyfax

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