[H] Dungeons & Dragons 5e, more! [W] Warhammer, $$$

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[H] Dungeons & Dragons 5e, more! [W] Warhammer, $$$

Post by WerrWaaa » Wed Dec 30, 2020 9:56 pm

Haves: Board games! RPGs! Wow!

Locations: Local meeting for drop off in Fort Worth. Buyer pays shipping otherwise.

Pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/8GlR0Gn

Old L5R CCG DTP sets and promos are on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/usr/vceichhorn You don’t have to buy them there, obvs.
  • Test of Enlightenment
    Emerald and Jade Champs
    Forgotten Legacy
    Death at Koten
    Shadow’s Embrace (strategy and factory sets)
    Check my eBay listing where you can see promos
    DM me if you have some singles in mind, and I might have them

Resin 3D printing available

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition: Price each at 10% off Amazon’s list price.
  • Yawning Portal
    Storm Kings Thunder
    Volo’s Guide to Monsters
    Acquisitions Incorporated
    Tomb of Annihilation
    Ghost of Saltmarsh
    Sword Coast Adventurers Guide
    Eberron Rising from the Last War
    Mythic Odysseys of Theros
    Rime of the Frost Maiden
    Explorers Guide to Wildmount
    Xanathars Guide to Everything
    Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica
    Dungeon of the Mad Mage
    Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything
    Mordenkainens Tomb of Foes
    Monster Manuel
    Dungeon Masters Guide
    Essentials Kit
    Starter Set adventure, Mines of Phandelver
    Dungeon Tiles Revisited
    DM’s Screen reincarnates
    Players Handbook (I have a couple of these, 2-4, I’ll have to dig around)

7th Sea 2nd ed RPG core - $30

Wrath of Kings: Both rules books, 2x Hadross KS army, Nasier KS army

Mouse Guard RPG 2e box set - $55

FATE 2x core + Ehdrigohr setting - $50

Star Trek 2d20 system 2x Core + mission book - $80

Through the Breach core, screen, numerous supplements and adventures - $130

Star Wars RPG by FFG: All three core books, Age screen, Edge beginner box (actual box in bad shape), 2 extra dice sets, one pictured supplement: Sons of Fortune (note Arda and Gatekeeper in the picture are not available.) - $200

Shadowrun 5e Core and Beginner box - ??

Vampire the Masquerade 5e core book - ??

L5R RPG 5e all currently released material - ??

Bones 3 core set - $100

Bones Dragons Don’t Share - $55

Battle for Rokugan - $25 (played once)

Viceroy KS - $30 (played once)

Catan Seafarers $25 (bought used, played a couple times, good condition)

Cards Against Humanity + first two small expansions + Crabs Adjust Humidity, very damaged box unopened - $40 (well played, not pictured)

Funkoverse full season 1 collection. Only opened small Harry Potter and Rick & Morty boxes. R&M box has a damaged corner. - $120

L5R LCG: 5 core, first two cycle of expansions, Children of the Empire, Clan Packs for Phoenix, Scorpion, Unicorn, Crane - $150 (not pictured)

Clank in Space - $30

Penny Press - $25

Misc old Heroclix promos - make an offer

Wants: Paypal. There is a detailed list of 40k models below, along with some misc. models and other games. I’d look at trade lists if you have, because who knows. I want to get back into 40k after the pandemic and I want to fill out the start box armies I have. Unbuilt models are best, if not then I would like to get models built with the best weapon options.

Space Marines


Redemptor plasma cannons (2)*
Predator las canons, both turret and sponsons

  • ATVs (3)
    Attack Bikes w Melta (3)
    Bladeguard Vets (3 to 9)
    Heroes 1 full squad (they were also released in Space Marine Adventures)
    Invictor Warsuits (2)
    Landraider Crusader
    Lexicanum Varus, Lt. Calcius, and other LE models
    Primaris Techmarine
    Redemptor dreads (2, need plasma if ETB)* (Other dreads too)
    Repulsor, Impulsor, other primaris tanks
    Sgt. Chronus
    Tac squad and rhinos
    Terminators w Hammer + Shield (5 or 10) (Open to other Termies too)
    Thunderfire Cannon w/ Techmarine
    Vanguard vets with Lightning Claws (10)

Death Guard

  • Foetid Bloat Drone rocket launchers (3)
    FBD meat grinders (3)
    Don't really know until the codex drops
  • Mortarion
    Plague Surgeon
    Plague Marines (not ETB)
    Demon Prince (ideally w/ wings)
    Foetid Bloat Drone (1)
    Greater FBD (3)
    Plague Burst Crawler (2)
    Japanese plague caster
    Plague Marine Reinforcements
    Nurglings (lots)
    Great Unclean One
    Terminators, both varieties
    AoS Putrid Blightkings NOS/NIB
    Termite Drills
    Don't really know until the codex drops

  • Lohkurst destroyers
    Canoptek spyders (3)
    Canoptek wraiths (9+)
    Doomstalkers (2)
    Triarch Stalker
    Immortals (maybe), Deathmarks, Praetorians
    Wouldn’t hurt to have some more warriors and scarabs
    Void Dragon
    Silent king
    Illuminator Szeras and other named character

  • Gellerpox or the whole Rogue Trader starter box

    Nurgle Bloodbowl team

    Nurgle Underworlds gang

    Sister Tariana Palos, other LE figs of the past for 40k and AoS

    Sister of Battle LE box (Would hear out some basics to fill out the upcoming Sisters v Dark Eldar box, for either faction, but it’s low priority).

    AoS Troll Megamob

    AoS Stardrake and other SCE

    AoS Legions of Nagash

    Blackstone Fortress core+

    Warcry starter box+

    Maybe more gangs for Necromunda or Underworlds, particularly Ogryn

    Board Games: Wingspan Oceana, Tiny Towns Fortune and Villagers, Clinic Deluxe, Dinogenics, Blood Rage KS, Viticulture Essential Edition

    If you have a trade list posted link me to it and I will take a look.
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Dungeons & Dragons 5e for Space Marines

Post by gwaddict » Sun Jan 03, 2021 3:38 am

1. I do my best to communicate & ship in a timely matter & expect the same
2. If you or I back out of a trade expect the other to post so in the b/o forum etc, if thats not okay then I am not your man to trade with
3. An offer of "$25" for an item does not include s&h if you are not okay with actual shipping charges from the USPS on top of that then say "$25 incl s&h".. simple enough..
4. Please be polite, leave feedback

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Re: [H] Dungeons & Dragons 5e, more! [W] Warhammer, $$$

Post by Bollfi » Fri Jan 15, 2021 9:18 pm

PM sent!

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