H: Infinity; W: D&D (3.5, 2e, 1e,), $$$

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H: Infinity; W: D&D (3.5, 2e, 1e,), $$$

Post by jesters89 » Sun Oct 04, 2020 2:14 am

Hey folks, Looking to trade Infinity for D&D books (3.5 and earlier). I’ve included approximate retail where I could find them. Prefer trades, but will sale in lots.

Items are in various states- some NIB, some painted, some primed. Let me know your interest and I can get you pictures.

Items marked with * are ones that I’m only willing to trade for high wants, very favorable trades, or a good price point.

Sectorial Army Pack 100
3x Keisotsu
2x Ryūken (Forward Deployment L2, Odd)
1x Kempei
1x Daiyōkai
1x Oniwaban
1x Kuroshi Rider
1x Kuge Delegate
Ninja x2 15
Older Aragoto x2, one has spitfire 36
Older Aragato Hacker & Asuka Kisaragi 36
Shikami 15
Keisotsu SW(new sculpts) 36
Kaizoku Spec Ops 14
Miyamoto Mushashi x2 pack 26
Domaru x4 45
Neko Takeshi 13
O-Yoroi 53
Karakuri x3 30
Shinobu (professionally painted) -normally 12
Haramaki x5 (including ML, used at Tankos) 35
Oop Keisotsu x4 (one painted)
Oop Keisotsu ML x2
Oop Keisotsu HMG
Oop female Domaru w/Boarding shotgun x2 (one painted)
Yuriko Oda (dire foes)

Lupe Balboa (dire foes)
Alguacil x3
Mobile Brigada w/Multirifle and flamer from starter
Intuder with sniper
Kriza Borac
McMurrow 20

NIB Airborn Ranger 11
NIB Maverick Box 41
NIB Army Pack Maverick

NIB Older Imperial Crane Rank 13
Miranda Ashcroft 13

LE Brawler from uprising*
LE Brawler hacker from Daedalus Fall*
LE Druze Hacker*
LE Bounty Hunter from Ice Storm*
LE Scarface Dismounted
LE Kaizoku Spec-Ops
LE GenCon Shasvastii Nox Trooper x2
LE Imperial Crane Rank*
LE Libertos Freedom Fighter
LE Hippolyta
LE Yuan Yuan (Red Veil)
NOB Fat Yuan Yuan set
RPG Exclusive ALEPH HVT*
RPG Exclusive PanO HVT*

Looking for D&D books from 3.5 and older editions in good condition.

High wants:
Fiendish Codex I
Fiendish Codex II
Elder Evils
Book of Exalted Deeds
Draconomicon (3e)
Vecna Lives
Die Vecna Die
Vecna Reborn
World of Greyhawk boxed set
Greyhawk Adventures (Ad&d)

Most anything from the older editions listed above. Especially complete box sets. I have most core stuff. Let me know what you’ve got and we can work out a trade.
Once I get a trade going, I work to keep up my end of the communication. I appreciate good communication on your part as well.

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