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H: Infinity, Warsenal, X-Wing, Misc W: $$ Paypal, Infinity

Post by demoN1N3 » Sun Sep 13, 2020 10:56 pm

Have: I would prefer to get rid of things as big of lots as possible, bigger lot = better deal for you
(pls see attached pics for details) Listed prices are generally negotiable and do not include shipping unless agreed upon
Always willing to hear offers.


Scarface & Cordelia (built) ($25)
Joe Turner (primed and washed) ($10)

Warsenal Terrain (all new and unassembled, still in shrink wrap, retail prices listed for reference)
Xiguan Office $65
Xiguan Clinic $25
Xiguan Shop $25
Xiguan Bridge $10
Comanche Barracks $32.50

Aristeia! ($175)
Collectors edition Metal models (built)
Plastic models have been primed and base coated with airbrush
Custom Meeple box inserts https://www.customeeple.com/product/ari ... 16fd43adaa
Warsenal acrylic walls and obstacles
Smoke and Mirrors expansion set

X-Wing Rebels (1st and 2nd ed dials and parts and extra 2nd ed conversion dials, cards, and ship tokens)
lots of acrylic tokens official and 3rd party, 9 attack and defense dice each, new and old damage decks, asteroids, bomb tokens, etc) (would prefer to sell as a lot $200)
Plano tackle box (not necessary to sale)
1 Rebel Transport Huge ship
1 Ghost
1 Attack Shuttle
2 T-65 X-Wings (1 painted)
2 2nd Ed T-65 X-Wings
2 T-70 X-Wing
2 E-Wings (1 slightly converted and painted)
2 Headhunters (painted)
3 A-Wings (1 painted)
2 B-Wings
2 K-Wings
1 Arc-170
1 YT-2400
2 Y-Wings (1 converted and painted)
1 YT-1300
1 U-Wing

Tales from the Loop RPG book ($20)

Want: (in order of desire)
Paypal $$

JSA Support pack
NEW Yaokong Remotes
O-Yoroi Tag
-Always reply, even with 'NO'
-Lower rating shipping/paying first (unless agreed otherwise)
-USA preferred
-Shipping is to include tracking
-Any issues? contact me.
-Make offers, it might work out.
-Money only via Paypal
-When agreeing to trade/buy/sell with me you agree and understand that a reference is considered part of the transaction, and will not be considered complete until that is done
I am owed references from:

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