H: Monsterpacolypse Buildings W: 40k, boardgames

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H: Monsterpacolypse Buildings W: 40k, boardgames

Post by sdafforn71 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:03 am

Hello, I have some Monsterpacolypse I want to get rid of.

4 apartment buildings
3 downtown high rise buildings
2 nuclear power plants
2 radar arrays
Statue of Liberty
Posh apartments
TV network high rise
Privateer press building
Guard defense base
Stock Exchange
Government building
Bank headquarters
Insurance company HQ

Also Monsterpacolypse Guard, Cuthulu, and dinosaurs.

Looking for
Boardgames, not sure what ones
40K, adeptus mechanicus, grey knights
Magic the gathering, maybe
Tiles for fantasy rpgs.
Adventures/campaigns for fantasy rpgs.

Thanks shane
If you have something similar you can always check to see if I am interested.
Shipping from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Lower Rating ships first. Trading is retail for retail. Small trades or large trades welcome.
Thanks for looking.

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