Have games and Minis, want the same

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Have games and Minis, want the same

Post by Hunterlope » Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:17 pm

Haves: Games and miniatures[/b]

Epic Space Marine lots of Marines, Buildings and rules and some Eldar

Warhammer Disk wars base set and both expansions

Star Wars Destiny Rey, Kylo Ren starters and 10 boosters

Mars Attack: miniature game plus Humanity Resists box.

Bang Dice game (Walking Dead edition

Dreed Fleet opened and some put together

Conquest of Empire

Golf Mania

Zombie Dice

Both the Risk Star Wars games

Clout many box boosters.


Castle Keep

Desparadoes dice game


Kemet Ta-Seti expansion


Large Human or Empire Army painted high quality, this was an 8th edition warhammer army, Estalion themed, Conquistadors.

Large collection of Axis and Allies miniatures these are 15mm (lots)

Large Star Wars collectable minis, too many to list. Over 500.

Large collection of Lord of the Rings (Sabertooth games) Over 200 figures, I would have to take a more accurate count, Heros, trolls,
The Balrog, still in the box this goes for big bucks on ebay.

KOW Large Nature army mostly GW stuff, 80 Plastic Saurus warriors, 24 Painted Dyrads, 6 painted treekin, 1 painted treeman, various heros, unicorn etc. If interested will get you a more detail list.

Pay Pal
Song of Fire Ice minatures (other than the starter set.) Free Folk, Nights watch most boxes not in the starter set.
Kick starter exclusives.

Giants (the game)
Mezo Kickstarter
Rivet Wars Heavy Metal, Battle of Brighton, Spearhead

Miniatures: Polar Fox 10mm miniatures

Miniatures: 15mm Fantasy miniatures need another Dragon Rampant Army need figures units of 6 (Cav)and 12 (inf)
Miniatures: 15mm Ancient Greeks, Egyptian, Norse, Celt , Mytholoy figures for all four. Starting Armies for Of Gods and mortals.

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