[H] Crystalline Necron Warriors, Necron Scarabs, Vangard Obyron, Nightbringer, Monolith [W] $$$ [US]

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[H] Crystalline Necron Warriors, Necron Scarabs, Vangard Obyron, Nightbringer, Monolith [W] $$$ [US]

Post by Lvl_666 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:15 am

2 *Crystalline/Modified Necron Warriors
8 Necron Warriors (opened, assembled, need base coat reapplication)
Unopened Vanguard Obyron,
Unopened C'Tan Shard of the Nightbringer
Unopened Necron Monolith
3 Necron Scarabs (opened, assembled, need base coat reapplication)
Games Workshop Citadel hard case with liners along with miscellaneous tools and whatever.

In regards to the "Crystalline" Warriors, what do I mean?:


The long story is that once, I wanted to get into Warhammer but I also wanted to have the most glamourous of armies. Something that would make other players stop and just stare in awe - to see Necrons as I do. I did a bit of research and through alot of trial and error figured out the most reliable way to grow living crystal on Warhammer figurines. Yes, I am also selling this knowledge along with the models in hopes that the buyer will continue where I left off. Personally, I just don't like how extremely expensive the game gets, as I also play Magic: The Gathering (which is also obscenely expensive). Basically, I had to choose one or the other.

Too Long, Didn't Read - I grew living crystal on the models that fused to the plastic and is now part of the model itself.

Pictures of the rest of the stuff:


Here's a brief FAQ, on the Crystalline Necron Warriors in case anyone is curious:

1. How durable are the crystal models?

They are rock hard once they are done drying. This means that the model itself will become very heavy and will likely
need some extra modifications to ensure that they will stand up right. But rest assured, they will stand the test of time

2. How long does it take to grow the crystals?

About a month for smaller models. This isn't a simple task where you can just slap some crystals on the model and be done. It will take patience
to get the model to where it needs to be before painting. There are more details than this, but I'll share them only with the buyer.

3. How hard is it to paint a "crystalized" model?

It is awful. Painting these models will be challenging - so again, you will need patience.

4. What are the crystals made of?

Only the buyer will have this knowledge. I will tell the buyer every single detail I learned, and will even go so far as to write up a "how to" guide - which will be sent via email.
Additionally, i'll stick around as a consultant reachable via email/forums in case there are any questions about the growing process.

5. What if you don't like Green Crystals?

You can change the color to any one you want. However, this is only knowledge the buyer will have.


This all comes down to how much the buyer thinks the knowledge and models are worth. I'm not breaking anything up, i'm selling this all together. Please be fair in your offers. I put alot of effort into figuring out the whole crystal growing process, and want something to show for it.

In case anyone wants any more pictures of anything let me know. Thanks for reading.

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