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H: TY, FOW, 40k, Malifaux, infinity, DZC misc W: 40k, Star wars Desitiny, Lcgs, x wing, misc

Post by ChaplinXavier » Tue Jan 12, 2021 4:39 pm

I have the following for sale or trade: US ONLY PLEASE

Soviets-on sprues (some sprues were cut to fit in shipping box, but model parts are one sprues) prefer to keep as a lot. $300 shipped

21 T72
5 T64
8 Hinds

1 box Hail rocket launchers

Flames of war:

British: all Battlefront.

Churchills-various resin and metal models. maybe 12.
Shermans-various resin and metal models. maybe 12.

US Midwar: in box unless noted (they have been purchased in the last 12 months, in new style packages) prefer to keep as a lot. $450
P40 warhawk
105mm Field artillery battery
T30 Assault gun Plt
T28e1 37mm AAA Plt
Armored recon patrol
M7 Preist Artillery battery
M4 Armoured Mortar Plt
Armored rifle plt
Mortar plt
M1917 MG Plt
37mm Anti tank plt
Armored rifle company HQ
Fighting first command Cards
Fighting first Tokens
Fighting First Dice
6 M3 stuart on sprue
5 M4 Sherman on sprue
4 M10 Tank destroyers assembled, basecoated
5 m4 shermans, assembled base coated.

Old battle field in a box eastern front. box is a bit beat up, and the terrain is used, so there may be a chip here and there. $100 shipped

40k Terrain:.

1 Void Shield Generator, sealed $100 shipped
1 Kill Team Killzone: Sector Sanctoris set, sealed. $110 shipped.

Durkhari-on sprues
10 hellions-$40 shipped
18 Reaver jetbikes- $150 shipped. (or $30 for 3 shipped)

Infinity not sure if it is all new release, can send pics. I may have removed the inner box to use for building inserts. Minis are new unless noted. $300 shipped for the lot.

Ghulam infantry box
Sekban navel special unit box
Djanbazan tactical group box
Kamel remotes box
Haqqislam support pack box
Janissaries box
Kashmir bag, kum chieftain box
Naffatun box
Kum motorized troops box
Nazarova twins, kum enforcers box
Janissaries with hmg blister
Saladin, liaison officer blister
Hassassin ragik with spitfire blister
Hassassin ragik with hacker
Sekban naval special unit with heavy rocket launcher blister
Special deterrence group azra’il with feuerbach blister

Assembled, painted or part painted
Starter set from on of the big boxes 7 infantry sized guys
3 bigger guys in bigger power suits

Hanging trees $50 shipped

resurrectionists: $200 shipped for the lot.
Vengeful Spirits crew
Mindless Zombies box
Kentauroi-seal broken, has extra model in box.
University of Transmortis story encounter
Carrion Emissary
Gaki-shrink removed
Asura Roten
Guild Autopsies
Crooked men
Punk Zombies
Jaakuna Ubume-shrink removed
Flesh Contruct
Bete Noire
The Forgotten Marshall
Carrion Effigy

Malifaux Raptors, box has bonus model sticker.

Misc:$75 shipped for the lot
Convict Gunslinger
The Midnight Stalker
Hodgepodge Emissary
Male mulitpart kit-shrink removed.
Hodgepodge effigy
Miss Fire
Miss Pack(old first edition metal nurse mini)


Gremlins Lot. lots of minis, if interested ask for Pic.

Misc lot, looks like a mix of ressers and arcanists.

Drop zone commander
Large scourge army. Most of it is painted build in first edition. With army transport bag and foam. $300 shipped. I forgot the names of most but I can take photos.


I am looking for the following:

Cash has priority, trying to clean out garage.

Star Wars Destiny collection.

looking for a collection of this.

Star wars LCG:

Promo Tokens (possibly aftermarket tokens)

Allies of Neccessity force pack

Between the shadows deluxe expansion

Might consider an entire collection if is includes the sets above

Lord of the Rings LCG:

Promo cards and tokens(possibly aftermarket tokens)

Nightmare sets

Arkham Horror LCG

Promo Cards and tokens (Possibly aftermarkent tokens )


Craftworld Eldar:

Striking scorpions, newest sculpt only.
kits to convert current jetbikes to Shining spears

Orks prefer on sprue


Possibly some of the newer vehicles:

Rukkatruck squigbuggy
Megatrakk scrapjet
Boomdakka Snazzwagon

Looking for 2nd edition sets. must be complete. not interested in 1st edition, even it has conversion kit

Star wars Armada-most stuff in the last 3 or 4 waves.

Star wars Miniatures Game by WOTC.
would consider a collection of these, trying to finish my collection. Not interested in the starship game

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