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Post by Tan Son Nhut » Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:35 pm

Greetings BT,

I have the following Lot for sale. From the Blue Moon 15mm French and Indian Wars range. They are nicely painted, based on artboard, 3-figures to the stand, and include the following:

British forces:
30 Rogers Rangers (forest green)
10 Colonial rangers (Green Mtn Boys)
30 British Light Infantry (redcoats)
63 Colonial militia (civilian clothes)
2 Mtd Cmd (1 Brit, 1 Colonial)

French forces:
30 French militia/rangers (frontier dress)
27 French Marines (blue uniform)
60 Woodland Indians (painted for war)
2 Mtd Cmd (French officers)

2 stone blockhouses

I am asking $300 for the Lot, includes shipping. I will consider offers. PayPal. Some pics available.

Thanks for looking

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