Have: Myth Kickstarter, SW Imperial Assault W: PayPal

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Have: Myth Kickstarter, SW Imperial Assault W: PayPal

Post by Bori82 » Wed Nov 20, 2019 2:09 am

For sale I have 2 games, Myth Kickstarter edition and Star Wars Imperial Assault. Both games are in excellent condition, all tiles and tokens are still shrink wrapped. I can send pictures upon request. Prices don't include shipping.

1. Star Wars Imperial Assault $65 OBO
- open box, New Condition

2. Myth Board Game Kickstarter Edition $150 OBO
Kickstarter Add-Ons:
1. Mages x5
2. Machine Giants x5
3. Medium Scorpions x3
4. Small Scorpions x16
5. Alternate Heroes x10
6. Giants x2
7. Dog x1
8. Giants Rats (Crossbows) x5
9. Giant Rat Swarm x1
10. Small Rats x25
11. Large Monitor x1
12. Large Dragon x1
13. Large Skeleton King x1
14. Small Skeletons x31
15. Terrain Pieces x12
16. Small Fire Head Guys x26 (8 w/ wings)
17. Large Cyclops x1
18. Medium cyclops x3
19. Small cyclops x20
20. Large Orc x1
21. Medium Orc x3
22. Small Orcs x16

Kickstarter Accessories:
1. Heroe Card Sleeves x6
2. Myth Quest Expansion Deck x1
3. Heoroes Metal Token set
4. Myth Realm Title Expansion I Tyler Set x12 Large X4 small

Core Set:
1. Heores x5 (2 Painted)
2. Medium Orcs x2
3. Small Orcs x15
4. Large Scorpion x1
5. Medium. Scorpion x2
6. Small Scorpion x15
7. Large Skeleton x1

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