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H: 40k, Confrontation, Misc W: $$, LEGO

Post by orctez » Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:38 am



Ysis, the viper of the desert, bare metal and english cards included
3 Dawn Warriors, NIB
4 Skorize Warriors, 2 blisters
2 Keratis Warriors, NIB

1 Abel
4 Templars of Hod, NIB

2 Amok Slayers, NIB
2 Orcs with axes, NIB

1 Wraithknight, on sprue
5 Warp spiders: brea metal, NIB
12 Banshees, 2 Exarchs, metal current sculpt
6 Rangers, current sculpt
10 Wraithguard, plastic in bits, some sprues primed black

Kasrkin: 10 box set, primed grey

1: Shadowsun, bare metal with drones
1: extra drone from Shadowsun: bare metal/plastic

Ash Waste Nomad Sniper: 5, bare metal. $8 each

GREY KNIGHTS: these are all metal
Draigo, metal
Inquisitor Coteas, metal
Castellan Crowe, metal
Uriah Jacobus, metal
Acolyte with twin flamers, metal

GK in power armor:
20 halberds and SB
8 psycannons

GK in terminator Armor: 13
4 incinerator arms
9 SB arms
5 halberd arms
8 sword arms

Hero Selafyn: NIB

LEGO, complete sets only. Not interested in bulk lots.

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