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H:aos, judgement misc w:aos,40k, $$$ misc, warcry!

Post by vaynard » Wed Jan 13, 2021 1:11 am

Hello all. I have a large lot of stuff I'm trying to clear room for new projects. Pics can be provided upon request just shoot me an email address. All prices are negotiable within reason. Shipping to lower 48 only at this time unless you pay actual shipping. Please pm with all offers and questions. I will also bundle lots as well for a cheaper price.


Nighthaunt lot (not splitting)
Black coach nib
court of the craven king nib
3 spirit hosts nib
3 assembled spirit hosts
Lady olander assembled
battle tome like new
dreadblade harrowers
knight of shrouds
crawlock the jailor
2x banshee boxes
2x lord executioner
70 chainrasps
2x grimghast reaper units
3x stalker units
2x revenant units

Pretty much everything is bare and assembled unless otherwise noted. there are a few figures with a light coat of paint but it might be a total of 5 figs throughout the entire army. Retail for the lot is around 1120 or so. Asking 625 for the lot shipped. Boxes can be included but I will prob break down boxes for ease of shipping.

Godtear borderlands starter nib
Halftusk box nib
retail is 80 asking 45 shipped for the lot.

Arena Rex all is nib unless stated otherwise
Antaeus Assembled
Hellinki starter
asking 210 shipped for the lot will not split

Judgement (all models have a magnet drilled into their base) (most are painted or have some paint on them easily strippable)
Zaron and skeleton painted
piper some paint
haksa nib
haksa some paint
kvarto paint
saiyin paint
brok primed
kruul paint
thorgar paint
bastian paint
rakkir primed
sir marcus some paint
istariel paint
allandir paint
gendris primed
barnascus bare assembled
viktor and algarath nib
jaegar paint
styx paint
vujasha primed
ashtooth primed
inferno primed
gloom primed
gloom paint
Nephenee painted
Cradol 54mm nib
Baal and Sarna paint
Retail for the lot is 1150 if you would like the entire lot i will sell it for 650 shipped. I will break this up if people would like certain figures i would prefer to sell in large chunks. I really want to sell these at this time

Freeblades game by dgs (prices for lots subject to change as im still currently inventorying my stuff)

Trazorites all have some paint mostly contrast so easily strippable
viper vet
velozar knight
blade brother
dakos raveger
azerim scout
asking 95 for this lot

Falkaren all have some paint
forester x2
shadow hunter
sheriffs levvy x2
starter set
faelor swordsman x2
Asking 90 for this lot

Black rose/thorn lot
Black rose starter set
bounty hunter
highway man
outlaw posse 2
mer crossbow
black thorn leader
Asking 85 for this lot

For all of the freeblades stuff I will combine for 185 shipped.

If you want multiple lots I will combine and try to reduce the price as much as I can.

$$$$$ is priority at this time

AOS- sylvaneth anything
Lumineth realm lords anything
Gloomspite gitz
Could be open to other armies

Warcry starter set!!!!! High priority
Other warcry stuff

40k- Eldar looking for around a 1k list prefer shining spears or wraithguard, also looking for dire avengers but can be open to just about anything
Could be interested in other armies
primaris marines low priority, harlequins low priority

Bushido terrain or fantasy terrain that would fit in japanese style game

Role playing games preference goes to current stuff not that big of a priority. Looking for a lot of 5e supplements

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