H: AoS, KoW Vanguard; W: X-Wing, Infinity, $$

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H: AoS, KoW Vanguard; W: X-Wing, Infinity, $$

Post by XinXin » Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:10 pm

Looking to get back into X-Wing, as well as build my Infinity collection back up. Offering up a few things I no longer have interest in.



Khorne Deamons (not 100% sure I want to part with this, but may for a good offer)
Get Started set
- Cannon built, one sword a bit damaged
- Bloodletters mostly built. Arms still on sprues. Many bodies need gap filling.
- Bloodcrushers still on sprue
Bloodmaster (assembled)
Skulltaker (NiB)
Flesh Hounds (NiB)

Kings of War: Vanguard

Basilean starter and booster contents (all assembled, some primed, some partially painted, 1 fully painted)
Dice set + handful of D8s
Ice & Iron expansion book plus updated cards
Fold-up play mat

What I'm looking for:

X-Wing (can include 1E ships, but MUST have 2E cards/tokens/base inserts/etc):


2+ RZ-2 A-Wings

1 Resistance Transport

maneuver templates (2E), dice, range ruler, debris/obstacle tokens.


Caledonian Volunteers (might accept a couple old sculpts)
Scots Guard
OOP Uxia SpecOps sculpt (twin assault pistols)
Traktor Mules


Yadu Troops box
Aleph half of Beyond Coldfront
updated Remotes
Dakini/Deva unit box


Onyx Contact Force army pack
UASriadna army pack
JSA army pack

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