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H: KOW Vanguard, Cygnar , Cryx W: AOS, KO, Slaanesh, 40K Eldar , Tzeentch

Post by webhead76 » Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:22 pm

Getting rid of some games no longer played in my area:

Cryx faction dice (2 sets I believe)
Satyx raiders with sea witch (latest box 11 minis NIB)
Blighted trollkin mauraders (NIB latest 10 man unit)
Deneghra the soul weaver (NIB)
Cryx slaughter fleet raider them force (missing box but complete with minis unassembled)
Pistol wraith (assembled bare)
Lich lord venathrax (assembled primed black)
Sepulcher/ kraken (NIB can be assembled to make either colossal)
Carrion thralls (NIB 10 man unit)
Soul hunters (NIB 5 man unit)
Kharybdis (NIB)
Deathjack (NIB)

1 x storm wall & lightning pods (partial paint)
6 x gun mages (old sculpts assembled bare)
6 x Rangers (primed gray assembled)
9 x storm blade infantry & stormgunners (assembled some paint latest plastics)
1 x captain arlan (assembled bare)
1 x gun made adept (painted needs tlc)
1 x journeyman warcaster (bare assembled)
Storm caster callers (3 man unit bare assembled)
1 x trencher warcaster LT (assembled bare
Major Victoria Haley (assembled bare)
Commander Colman Stryker (painted tabletop top starter version)
Captain Dominic Darius & halfjacks (assembled painted tabletop )
General Adept Nemo (assembled bare)
Artificier general Nemo & storm chaser adept Caitlin finch
(Assembled bare
trencher commandos (10 man unit primed black need TLC)
Centurion (metal version partial paint)
Cyclone (plastic partial paint needs TLC)
Defender (plastic version assembled bare)
2 x hunters (metal painted table top)
Lancer (medal assembled bare)
Minuteman (medal assembled bare)
Thunderhead (metal partial paint)
Dynamo (assembled primed white)

Kings of War:
Empire of Dust army new in box
20 plastic and metal Skeleton Warriors
20 plastic and metal Skeleton Archers
10 premium plastic Mummies
1 plastic and metal Balefire Catapult
1 metal Pharaoh/High Priest

Kings of war Vanguard:
Vanguard ice and iron SC expansion book
Vanguard power dice pack
Northern alliance warband (last years not latest. New in box)
Northern alliance warband booster (heroes assembled some paint)
Nightstalkers warband (assembled painted tabletop )
Nightstalkers warband booster (new in box)

Warhammer 40k:
Adeptus custodies:
Have codex need everything else miniatures data cards , dice

Thousand sons:
Looking for start: codex, collecting starters , troops, terminators, etc

Necrons: any latest models, codex,

Genestealer cults: any models just starting

Eldar: looking for wraithknight, wraithguard, reapers, wraithfighters, warlocks or farseer on jetbikes, NIghtspear, prince Yriel

Any of the latest models just starting.

Age of Sigmar
Sylvaneth: just starting any of the new plastic range, battletome, warscrolls

Kharadron overlords: any models and current Battletome just starting

Chaos : latest models, new start collecting, new Archaon, slaughterbrute, chaos warshrine,
Belakor, chaos chosen, soul grinder, vortex beast

Slaanesh: any of the latest plastic range, new greater daemons, old slaanesh champion riding steed of slaanesh

Gloomspite: trolkin army! Latest trolls and river trolls, Battletome, and dice, squighoppers, arachnarok spiders. night goblins

Fyreslayers: any models, latest battletome, dice, warscoll cards

Blackstone fortress
Starter any expansions

Necromunda: new heavy box starter dark uprising

Just trading for now not selling. Trades are retail for retail. Lowest rating ships first. Any questions please ask. Let’s make a deal.

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