40k chaos kill team, wargods, darklands, Issyria

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40k chaos kill team, wargods, darklands, Issyria

Post by haaschnp » Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:23 pm


40k Chaos
9x Unassembled dark vengeance ranged cultists
5 primed chaos marines
$25 and shipping


Wargods of aegyptus
Bare metal her shield and spear. X13
Bones reaper avatar of sokar nib
$25 and shipping

Darklands gulgabrax gaalgars horde - nib
(Was going to use as bestigors) 5x beastmen
$35 and shipping

Nib retribution of sycrah issyria
$5 and shipping
I will always try my best to communicate accurately. Please do the same.
If you need me to ship first, I'm ok with that even if my ref number is higher.
If you express interest in something I'm selling and we settle on a deal and then I don't hear back from you for a few days, I will message you to make sure the deal is still on. If you need to back out, fine. Just please let me know. My feelings won't get hurt. I just need to know.
Located in the US and prefer to trade/ship in ConUs.

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