H:Gremlins, 40k, Batman W: $$$, guildball, AOS, mali, misc

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H:Gremlins, 40k, Batman W: $$$, guildball, AOS, mali, misc

Postby vaynard » Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:12 pm

Hey bartertown I have the following for sale/trade. Not looking to buy at this time. US only please. I will be at adepticon most likely friday sat and possibly sunday if you would like to meet up I would discount some to save on shipping and ease of trade. Also please PM with offers or questions.


Gremlins (all are painted table top except where noted I believe everything is there price includes shipping and theres a few free models thrown in)
Ophelia box
Somer Box
Whiskey Golem
Hog whisperer
Stuffed piglets
Lucky Effigy
Wong box
old cranky
bayou gators
slop haulers
Sammy Lacroix (bare)
Rooster riders (nib)
Moon shinobi

Free (gluttony and the guitar guy)
Retail comes to about 442 im asking 285 shipped priority

Batman Miniatures Game (all are painted table top except where noted)
Joker crew
Harley crew
Heath ledger Joker(bare)
Hush (bare)

Retail comes to 116 asking 85 shipped priority free jokers daughter with purchase (she is stripped and lost her knife and other hand but I converted a knife and hand up for her doesn't look too bad.)

Khorne army

about 30 khorne Beserkers (might be a few extras thrown in)
3 rhinos (1 is painted, 1 bare plastic and has bits to be a razorback, 1 is a 3d printed tank and is not factored into overall price)
20 raptors (mixed paint and prime but its all light enough to paint over)
Chaos codex
5x possessed
2x custom spawns (built off grotesque body using spawn parts and green stuff)
Whatever else I happen to find including enough warp talon bits to make an additional 10-20 guys just need legs
retail is approx 425 asking 300 shipped


AOS stuff Have the start collecting ironjaws box and am open to just about anything AOS so long as it is current and on round bases.

Guildball- alchemists (need everything except the starter box)
Masons (everything)
union (need: starter box, snakeskin, minx, vet rage, coin, strongbox)
Morticians (need: everything)

Terrain (looking mostly for MDF open to most terrain though, looking for anything wild west that can be used for malifaux, looking for infinity terrain, and lastly AOS terrain)

could be interested in the ten thunders line
possibly interested in neverborn stuff
Want Translucent green pandora box
Might also be interested in arcanists
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