FS/T KoW Forces of Nature KS Mega Army, Orcs

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FS/T KoW Forces of Nature KS Mega Army, Orcs

Postby megsdadlamarr » Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:44 pm

Hi, my name is Lamarr and I have a plasticrak problem!

Stop me before I add another army! The Kings of War Forces of Nature Kickstarter Mega army seemed like a great idea because I can use my lesser obsidian golems/rock elementals with them but I just have too much to paint! I can sell for $115 shipped (U.S.) in the plastic bag it came in (no box but untouched) or would love to trade for Abyssals. I've got all these red, orange and yellow paints sitting around!

I also have an untouched Orc army box ( ok I took off shrink wrap to look at it ) and an extra regiment of great axes. The paint is done on 5 of the great axes, other 15 primed, weapons painted. I was going to add these to the other orcs in my collection (hoard) but sanity may yet prevail if we move fast enough! How about $80 shipped or Abyssals for these guys?
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