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Check us out on Facebook, in our Bartertown Sub-Forum or at for pictures, list of wanted items and our full, up to date product list.

We are in the United States. Please mention if you are not in the US at the start of our deal. Shipping to international destinations is generally too high to deal with but if you are willing to pay it, that is up to you. Foreign buyers/traders should know that shipping will be higher on our end and that this may affect our decision to go through with a trade/sale.

Prices do not include shipping. We now accept Paypal and Credit Cards.

Until we finalize a deal, nothing is held and other offers may change what is available during negotiations. Additionally, some items may be crossposted to other sites, including eBay, and may not be held.

- Legions of Nagash Battletome (Fair condition) - $20
- Nighthaunt Battletome (Fair condition) - $20
- Warscroll Cards: Legions of Nagash(Used, missing 6 tokens) - $7

- Arkhan the black (Painted plastic, needs reassembly. Magnetized with other mortarchs) - $30
- Black Knights (x5) (Painted plastic, as shown) - $16
- Chainrasps (x20) (Plastic, mix of painted and some paint) - $40
- Glaive Wraith Stalkers (x5) (Plastic, 3 primed, 2 painted. 1 missing blade) - $8
- Grimghast Reapers (x14) (Painted plastic) - $32
- Guardian of Souls (Soul wars, missing arm) (Painted plastic) - $4
- Knight of Shrouds, Mounted (Painted plastic, Soul Wars) - $12
- Lord Executioner (Painted plastic) - $10
- Myrnmourn Banshees (x4) (Bare plastic) - $8
- Myrnmourn Banshees (x4) (Painted plastic, one broken blade) - $8
- Skeletons (x10) (Painted plastic, one missing head) - $12
- Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (Painted plastic, tip of sword broken) - $30
- Vargheists (x3) (Painted plastic) - $23
- Zombies (x20) (Plastic, extra bits on sprue) - $19
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