H:wm/h, guildball, arena rex, misc w: carnevale, $$$, aos

Find ALL the inhabitants of the Iron Kingdoms here! This thread is for non-collectable Privateer Press games (Warmachine & Hordes). You may post MINIS for the IK RPG here, as well.

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H:wm/h, guildball, arena rex, misc w: carnevale, $$$, aos

Post by vaynard » Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:35 pm

Hello all. I have a large lot of stuff I'm trying to clear room for new projects. Pics can be provided upon request just shoot me an email address. All prices are negotiable within reason. Shipping to lower 48 only at this time unless you pay actual shipping. Please pm with all offers and questions.


Wm/h misc stuff. All is nib unless stated otherwise.

Retail 69.99 asking 40 shipped

Tharn bloodpack
Bloodweaver night witch painted nicely
Retail 83 asking 45 shipped

Cephalyx mind breaker and drudge's
Retail 49.99 asking 30 shipped

Scattergunners box
Mountain king (old model missing some whelps and chains) painted poorly.
Retail 216.97 asking 100 shipped.

Meat thresher
Retail 125 asking 90 shipped

Whole wm/h lot retail is about 545 if you want the entire lot I'll throw in the le crucible guard model assembled but bare and any extra pins and stuff i have lying around. Will do this for 225 shipped.

Brine and bones le set nib
Miss fesseance nib
Asking 100 shipped

Nightmare whiskey golem nos asking 50 shipped.

Neave blacktalon nos asking 15 shipped.

2x drop pods 1 assembled and painted 1 nos asking 40 shipped for both

rhino painted and vindicator tank missing the cannon for some reason also painted asking 35 shipped for both.

Haqq redveil assembled bare 1 ghulam is missing an arm
Beyond redveil haqq half
Asking 75 shipped.

Knights of Santiago nib asking 30 shipped

Riot girls new set nib
Rev healer with boarding shotgun nib
asking 40 shipped for the nomad lot

Brawler le model nib 30 dollars
Yuan yuan set 12 dollars
take all of my inifnity as a lot for 175 shipped

Farmers honest land set bare 30 shipped.

Brewers all painted
kickoff half (friday, tapper, spigot, Hooper, scum, stave)
50 shipped

Engineers all metal team all bare
Asking 65 shipped

Butchers all metal all painted
Vet ox
Rookie boiler
Vet brisket
Asking for 95 shipped

Take all the guildball stuff for 150 shipped.

Arena rex
Iocasta painted
Frigge bare
Sven painted
Bravjart bare
Noxious bare
Cato primed
Proximo paint
Atrox primed
Atrox bare
Leo some paint
Acerbus painted
Nero primed
Dexterius with yavin paint
Wendigo with headswap painted
Asking 285 for the lot and will throw in mat and extra figures I find lying around.

Godtear kickstarter pledge with everything plus a translucent fig retail is over 640 asking for 350 shipped.

terrain these buildings are made of some form of wood and are sturdy and heavy all are painted table top but can easily be painted over
2x 6.5"x6.5"
2x 6.5"x8.5"
2x 6.5"x4.5"
1 quad building its fairly large
theres also a small silo thats included
no idea of retail on this lot but asking 75 shipped this lot is heavy.

Drowned earth
Artifacters starter set all nib. retail is 52 asking 40 shipped.

$$$$$ is priority at this time

Carnevale miniatures looking for anything and everything prefer to get at least the 2 player starter set but will look at anything for this game including terrain from tt combat.

Relicblade miniature game just about anything

Aos- looking at newer chaos stuff could be interested in other armies though. Prefer unpainted but I'd look at anything.

War machine- dracodile
3skarre (condition doesnt matter as long as the ship is mostly complete I'm using it as a display board centerpiece for another game)

Judgement miniatures- looking for monsters other than gloom, svetlana, skye, victor, zaffon, playmats. could be interested in other heroes as well.

Drowned earth terrain and miniatures. other than dinosaurs i need wayfarers.

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