H: Circle, Khador(wow), Aos, 40k W: $$, Mercs, Orks

Find ALL the inhabitants of the Iron Kingdoms here! This thread is for non-collectable Privateer Press games (Warmachine & Hordes). You may post MINIS for the IK RPG here, as well.

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H: Circle, Khador(wow), Aos, 40k W: $$, Mercs, Orks

Post by Pontus » Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:02 am

5 Basecoated partially assembled Terminators
3 Bikers partially built, base coated
About 15 NOS Heresy Marines

Death Guard:
Codex(barely used)

8 Cultists(6 primed black with CCW, 2 bare plastic with autoguns)

Leman Russ (Not sure what the turrent wep is, it needs sponson weapons, painted alright)

Slaves to Darkness:
5 Chaos Knights(NOS)

3 Blood Warriors(painted TT)
5 Blood Reavers(painted TT)

Men at arms Regiment(NIB)
Pegasus Knight(NOS)
16 Archers(4 built, bare plastic, the rest NOS)
Old Trumpette Paladin(NIB)
A mix of old bret metals that need to be washed and stripped a little more

Old GW Earth Elemental(Bare metal)
Misc Water Elementals(all NIB):
Reaper Water Elemental
D&D collector series Water Myrmidon
Mirliton Fantasy Croog Water

Xwing: (All nib)
Force Awakens Starter
Tie Defender
Mist Hunter
YT 2400 Freighter

Circle: (prefer to keep this together)
3x Wild Argus(2x Primed, 1x Bare plastic)
Shifting Stones(bare metal)
Una1 (NIB)
Shifting Stones(NIB)
Druid Wilder(NIB)
Winter Argus(NIB)

Khador(Wolves of winter theme, want to keep this lot together):(Take it all for $110)
Zerkova1(old model, assembled and bare)
Juggernaut(missing fist)(bare plastic)
Destroyer(bare plastic)
Destroyer(bare plastic)
Doom Reavers(bare metal)
Doom Reavers(bare metal, need blades attached, 2 command models for some reason)
2x Doom Reaver UAs(bare metal)
Fenris(bare metal)
2x Greylord Ternion(bare metal)
Koldun Lord(bare metal)
Full unit Battle Mechanics(bare metal)
War Dog(bare metal)

2x Feral Geists(one BM, one painted):


Lady Aiyana and Holt

Stompa! (want one bad!:))
Trukks or something to convert trukks out of

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