H: GW/FW, BMG, Airbrush, Gates of Antares, other W: GW AOS, Quar, Black Seas, $

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H: GW/FW, BMG, Airbrush, Gates of Antares, other W: GW AOS, Quar, Black Seas, $

Post by Irish1983 » Fri Jan 10, 2020 10:46 pm

Selling/trading for the following (Trade retail to retail in most cases, and at-least 30% off retail for buyers).



Custodes Army (everything built in picture plus some bits for heads etc). Mostly Primed Retributor Gold with some washing work. Also have a Pallas Grav attack Tank NIB. Bikes low on base are magnetized to them. Some arms are magnetized.




FW Chaos Khorne Blood Slaughterer (assembled, his legs are mostly pinned for stability etc)
2x Chaos space marine getting started (1 marine assembled with bolter, a set of obliterates assembled, and missing 1 master of possession)
Arch-Lord Discordant (partially assembled well, dude is not glued in the saddle and guns are not on yet)
20x Possessed (mostly primed black in various states of assembly some deathguard heads used)
Helldrake on sprue

Knight Models

1x Mr. Freeze crew
1x Mr. Freeze Thugs set 1
1x Captain Cold TV Series (Painted like a boss to a good standard)
1x Heat Wave TV Series
1x Firefly
1X Clay Face
1x Captain Boomerang
1x Electrocutioner
1x Limited Joker Red Hood
1x Lady Shiva and the League of Shadows

Everything is assembled and at-least primed via airbrush with vallejo white/gray primer (Except
Captain Cold who is to much of a boss to not be painted).


Beyond the gates of Antares:

Core starter set with Concord (has limited metal hero in it) and Ghar Empire.

Hard back rule book & The Battle For Xilos books.

Ghar Empire/Outcast Rebels:

More than enough to do empire versus rebel or just a Conquest level army. majority is primed white or brown with some paint work here and there. I really had fun with this army as rebels though. I loved the massive order pool and the flexibility that offered.

16x Grey order Die
1x Black Distort order die
1x Fartok in battle suit
35x black guard with mag guns
5x black Guard with micro X launcher
5x black Guard with Plasma Lance
5x Leader with Plasma Carbine
1x Limited edition Blackguard with mag gun and grenade
4x black Guard command Squad
1x Outcast Creeper (with magnetized guns)
6x Ghar attack Scutters
24x Outcasts
4x Outcast Disruptor cannon team
3x Ghar Assault suits
3x ghar battle Suits
1x Ghar bomber squad (bomber and two troopers with scourer cannons)
8x Tectorist Scouts



Harder & Steenbeck

Infinity CR Plus (It has a quick disconnect for an iawata style hose installed). Brush is in great condition I love it. Comes with two needles and caps for .4 and .15 (but the .15 is well used for sure). I would like $175.00 for it.


Earth Dawn RPG:

They are in excellent condition. $65.00 for the lot.

Game master screen
Player Guide
Game masters Guide


Paypal funds

ZOMBIESMITH QUAR!!!!!!! What you got, I very likely want it all?


Gloomspite Gitz/Night Goblins
Ossiarch Bone Reapers
AOS Chaos Monsters (dragon ogres, Jabberslythe, etc)
12X bestigors on sprue, and 12 ungors on sprue
Beasts of chaos stuff
The Gore Beast bits from chaos chariots.
3x Multipart Hellbrutes (Would really like these unassemebled I want to convert, no dark vengeance)
3x Defilers (Again would love these unassembled I want to convert)

Warlord Games

Black Seas (I have nothing so open to anything)
Bolt Action Italian army
Bolt action Russian naval brigade force

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