[H] Citadel Paints Lot (100+) & other things [W] $ [Loc] CA, USA

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[H] Citadel Paints Lot (100+) & other things [W] $ [Loc] CA, USA

Post by Roasted Beets » Tue Dec 03, 2019 4:12 am

Hey friends, have a bunch of extra citadel paint I won't be using anytime soon, It's over 100 pots, at less than $3 a pot, mostly unopened. A good mix of regular colors, inks, washes, etc. click the link to see the colors. https://imgur.com/a/czjhLBZ

Paint Lot - 330 Shipped
90+ Small Pots
20+ Washes

Also have an Alarielle the Everqueen, which I Bought from here a year or so back; doesn't look like it's going to be painted. Already assembled and primed. looking for a new home.
alarielle the everqueen - 90 Shipped

Also have the Godtear Games Kickstarter that I'm looking to break even on, so selling that for
Godtear Kickstarter - $140
The Borderlands Starter Set
Eternal Glade Starter Set
Sneaky Peet, The Maligned champion expansion
Mournblade, The Soulless champion expansion
Grimgut, The Vile champion expansion
Rattlebone, Prophet of the Ascended Past champion expansion
Halftusk, Warden of the Stonekin Isle champion expansion
Awakening campaign pack
Double-sided world map/poster
Special edition spot gloss champion cards

Mostly looking for $ and the extra space, but I'd consider mixed lots of non-infantry GW things as well as interesting bits if you're really itching to get rid of lots.

Thanks in advance :)

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