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FS 90's Warhammer Empire and other Fantasy/historical minis

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:21 pm
by Oninotaki
Who wants to buy my collection of Fantasy and Historical minis off of me? This lot is for hundreds of figures from LOTR, Reaper(including pictured Dragon), Hasslefree, Celtos, Battle Masters, Perry, Wargames Factory, Clan War, Warlord Games,Ex-Ilis & Dark Age Miniatures. Some of the minis are painted and were used for D&D (Darksun specifically), a large chunk were going to be for an empire project for AOS and I was going to make an High Elf stand in army out of the Clan war Minis (also AOS).

Here are the minis ... y%20Humans

If interested please send me a message here. I would like to sell the whole lot for $650 including shipping within the US. I would also trade for a CNC router since that is what I am using the money for :-D

In case anyone is interested in finishing the Empire army project since so much of it has been painted/converted my plan was this. Each Manufacturer's Minis were going to be painted in a different Empire Province's colors with a common shield decal tying them all in together. Many of these miniatures already have their base coat, and I will include the decals that were going to be used.

The Breakdown was going to be as follows:
-Exillis- Nordland, Blue/Gold
-Battle Masters- Averland Gold/Black
-Perry/Zvezda- Talabecland Red/Gold
-Exilis Mounted Squires/Militia – Stirland Gold/Green

Many of these miniatures have received arm/head swaps to make them less repetitive. For example not a single Battle Masters Halberdier actually has a halberd any more.

Re: FS 90's Warhammer Empire and other Fantasy/historical mi

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 4:36 pm
by Oninotaki
There are approximately 925 minis in this lot, so that would be only $.70 USD a mini.