Looking for warmaster

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Looking for warmaster

Post by Time of Madness » Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:25 am

In search of some 10mm warmaster GW figures if anyone has some lying around, thanks.
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Sandy Death ( 130 )
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Re: Looking for warmaster

Post by Sandy Death » Sat Jan 16, 2021 6:09 pm

Hi ToM
About 20 years ago my son and I spent of lot of time and an enormous amount of money at the GWS company store. Warmaster was just being introduced and we liked the game mechanics. PLUS the GWS store staff told us everyone would be playing warmaster soon. So we acquirred a high elf and skeleton army each. No one ever bought or played warmaster.
Anyway, I have pretty complete armies of both those races packed away in a closet. I'd want to sell a whole army though, not individual models.
If any interest let me know. If not one day I'll get ambitious and take picts and go the ebay route .
I very much prefer to do all communications by email rather than PMs. Here's mine: Ralphf52@aol.com You can check my references here using my last name "Famiglietti or on eBay using "captainralph". 513 @100%. I can take photos and accept Paypal. Tons of free cell minutes so calling or exchanging phone numbers is not a problem. I Live in Prospect CT 06712 USA and don't mind doing a little driving if you're close. (I can meet you halfway)

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