UPDATED 01/18 H: Multiple Lots 40K & AOS W: PayPal

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UPDATED 01/18 H: Multiple Lots 40K & AOS W: PayPal

Post by Greydrog » Tue Jan 14, 2020 7:58 pm

WTS USA only, located in Virginia

Pictures available on request, please provide an email

Prices listed next to item's are there retail value and there is a lot price for each lot. I am willing to break up lots, but needs to be large chunks 150.00+. If you are not taking an entire lot we can discuss pricing and come to an agreement.

Eldar lot 2 170.00
12x Warp Spyders 82.50
1x Wave Serpent 50.00
5x Windriders 100.00
10x Guardian Squad 36.25

Total retail is 268.75 asking 170.00

Eldar (nicely painted) lot 1 600.00
1x Spiritseer 30.00
2x Wraithlord 110.00
10x Wraithguard 110.00
5x Striking Scorpions 41.00
3x War Walker 105.00
9x Vyper 315.00
2x Eldar Farseer Skyrunner 66.00

Total retail is 777.00 asking 600.00

Ork lot 3 (Mostly painted very well) 1200.00
3x Killa Kans 55.00
20x Tankbustas (3x are squigs) 135.00
2x Truck 80.00
103x Ork Boyz(73x painted, 30x not) 350.00
30x Stormboyz 90.00
21x Ork Lootas 120.00
1x Ork Warboss 25.00
98x Grots (53x painted, 45 base green) 180
1x Battlewagon 75.00
7x Old mek gunz 350.00
9x Old Warbikers (4x missing rider) 123.75
12x Ork/boar conversions 30.00
3x Rogue Trader vera ork items 50.00

Total retail is 1663.75 asking 1200.00

Ork lot 2 700.00
60x Gretchen + 6x handlers 108.00
(42x Ork Boyz Slugga & Choppa
36x Ork Boyz (31x Slug/chop, 5x HeavWep)
22x Ork Boyz NOS) 350.00
3x Meganobz 63.00
2x Ork Weirdboy 44.50
2x Trucks (1x Built, 1x NOS) 80.00
20x Lootas 120.00
1x Gorkanaught 125.00
2x Painboy 52.00
1x Ork Warboss 25.00

Total retail is 967.50 asking 700.00

Necrons lot 2 175.00
10x Immortals (7x metal, 3x plastic) 70.00
10x Warriors 30.00
1x C'tan Deceiver 37.25
2x Necron Heavy Destroyers 40.00
3x Necron Destroyer Lords 80.00
1x Necron Overlord 20.00
1x Canoptek Spyder (metal) 35.00
1x Triarch Stalker 55.00
12x Scarab bases free with lot

Total retail is 367.35 asking 175.00

Ork lot 175.00
10x Burna Boyz 60.00
15x Lootas 90.00
5x Custom Meganobz 60.00
1x Warbiker Mob NIB 41.25
12x Ork Boyz 35.00
1x Ork boss 25.00

Total retail is 311.25 asking 175.00

Space Wolves lot 125.00
5x Thunder Wolves
2x Terminators
1x Land Speeder
3x Space Wolves upgrade sprues
20x Marines
16x Primaris Reivers (10x partially assembled)
1x Dreadnought (Metal)
1x Space Wolves Codex
3x Suppressors
1x Ulric the Slayer
Large collection of SW sprues for bitz

Knights lot 325.00
2x Knights (1 fully assembled battle cannon and gatling cannon, 1 partially assembled all sprues included from Canis Rex kit for both.) 314.00
2x Armiger Helverins 75.00
2x Armiger Warglaives ( Sprues included to finish any build from original box)75.00

Total retail is 464.00 asking 325.00

Tau lot 2 725.00
2x XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit 160.00
2x XV88 Broadside Battlesuit 110.00
9x XV8 Crisis Battlesuits 225.00
2x XV104 Riptide Battlesuit 220.00
2x Tau Empire Commander 110.00
1x Cadre Fireblade NIB 25.00
All sprues included to mod kits, all drones, flight stands & bases included.

Total retail is 930.00 asking 725.00

Genestealer Cult lot 120.00
Codex GSC 40.00
Locus 30.00
Biophagus 30.00
Nexos 30.00
Abominant 30.00
Clamavus 30.00

Total retail is 190.00 asking 120.00

Dark Angel lot 2 80.00
1x Primaris half of Dark Imperium NOS
(Missing 1 Intercesor) Primed green
1x Dark Angels Vets NOS
(Missing one piece off sprue)
1x Dark Angels upgrade sprue
1x Dark Angels Ravenwing Bikes
(Partially assembled)

Slaanesh lot 100.00
5x steeds of slaanesh
10x deamonettes
1x exalted seeker chariot
1x infernal enrapturess
1x contorted epitome

Chaos lot 2 135.00
39x Chaos Marines
5x Chaos Terminators
1x Chaos Terminator Lord
3x Chaos Marines w/Lascannon (Metal)
6x Chaos Marine Bikes (Riders in baggy)

Chaos lot 1 (Mostly Painted & Metal) 200.0
2x Old school Rhino
1x Old school Predator
1x Abaddon
1x Warpsmith
5x Chaos Terminators
4x Chaos Marine bikes
7x Wolves
7x Undead w/Scythe
43x Chaos Marines

Necrons lot 375.00
9x Canoptek Wraiths (3x NOS) 165.00
5x Triarch Praetorians 40.00
52x Necron Warriors 77.50
3x Necron Destroyers 50.00
3x Necron Cryptek w/canoptek cloak 105.00
20x Necrons Immortals 140.00
10x Necrons Lychguard 80.00
10x Scarabs bases (included in lot)

Total retail is 657.50 asking 375.00

Aegis Defense line (guns assembled) 20.00

Codex Selection:
2x Daemons 20.00ea
1x Kill Team Core rulebook 20.00
Limited edition Sister's of Battle Codex & Cards 45.00

Datacards Selection: 5.00 each
Death Guard
Chaos Daemons
Chaos Space Marines

Intercesor Veteran Sergeant 2x 25.00ea
Limited edition Cannoness 40.00
Tartarus terminators 40.00
1x SM Land Speeder Storm NOS 20.00
Blightwar Nurgle half NOS 80.00
Deathwatch half of Overkill NOS 45.00
Tau Empire Commander NOS 40.00
Games Workshop backpack 50.00ea
Primaris Intercesors NOS (5) 20.00
Primaris Inceptors NOS (3) 30.00
High Marshall Helbrecht NIB 15.00
Dark Eldar Raider NOS 30.00
Deathwing Command Squad NIB 40.00
Deathwing Command Squad NOS 35.00
Drop Pod NOS 20.00
Land Raider NOS 45.00
Rhino NOS 30.00

Partially Assembled:
Rhino of sprue in bags 25.00

Stormraven Gunship x2 45.00ea
1x Imperial Knight 85.00
Onager Dunecrawler painted 40.00
3x Custom Obliterators 25.00
Wraithlord 25.00
Doom Scythe 45.00
Baal Predator 30.00
Land Raider Crusader 40.00
Bloodthirster 110.00

Tau lot 2 500.00
4x Hammerhead Gunship 240.00
23x Crisis Suits 525.00
1x Sky Ray Gunship 60.00
2x Devilfish 80.00
11x Stealth Suits 120.00
1x Cadre Fireblade 25.00
1x Ethereal 18.00
3x Broadsides (old sculpts) 165.00
65x Fire Warriors 300.00

Total retail is 1533.00 asking 500.00

Marines lot 200.00
1x Predator 60.00
3x Bike Squad (9 models total) 120.00
1x Sergeant Telion (Metal) 18.00
1x Chaplain (Metal) 18.00
1x Legion of Damned Squad (Metal) 40.00
5x Sternguard Veterans (Metal) 50.00
1x Scouts w/Sniper rifles 30.00
3x Tactical Squads 135.00
1x Attack Bike NIB 30.00
1x Assault Squad NOS 45.00
1x Masters of the Chapter (Metal)NIB 35.00

Total retail is 581.00 asking 200.00

Blood Angels lot 55.00
5x Bld Angels Assault Terminators 30.00
10x Bld Angels Tactical squad 25.00
1x Blood Angels data cards 15.00

Emperors Children lot 275.00
1x chaos land raider 80.00
1x Deamon prince 41.00
3x Chaos Predator 180.00
3x Chaos Rhino 120.00
25x chaos marines 70.00
30x Deamonettes 105.00
5x Seekers of Slaanesh 20.00
2x chariots partially assembled, sprues included to finish them.

Total retail is 616.00 asking 275.00

Seraphon lot 150.00
11x Saurus Warriors Free in lot
1x Engine of the Gods 60.00
2x Saurus Oldblood 30.00
2x Skink Starpriest 50.00
8x Saurus Knights 35.00
1x Bastiladon 60.00
2x Troglodon 170.00

Total retail is 305.00 asking 150.00

Slaves to Darkness lot 140.00
1x Darkoath Warqueen 35.00
2x Chaos Chariot 80.00
1x Gorebeast Chariot 40.00
1x Sorcerer Lord 15.00
1x Chaos Sorcerer/Lord on Manticore 54.00

Total retail is 219.00 asking 140.00

Slaanesh lot 100.00
5x steeds of slaanesh
10x deamonettes
1x exalted seeker chariot
1x infernal enrapturess
1x contorted epitome

Stormcast Paladins NOS 25.00
Akhelian Leviadon NIB 80.00
Games Workshop backpack 60.00
Shadespire The Farstriders 15.00
Magores Fiends 15.00
Slaves to Darkness Start collecting (New version) 75.00
Morghasts 40.00

Legions of Nagash lot 100.00
1x Start collecting Skeleton Horde 90.00
1x Warscrolls and tokens 15.00
1x Wight King 15.00
10x Grave Guard 41.25

Total retail is 161.25 asking 100.00

Legions of Nagash lot 2 75.00
Legions Battletome 40.00
Morghasts 60.00
Warscrolls & tokens 15.00

Painted models
Celestar Ballista 15.00
Bloodthirster 110.00
Stardrake 80.00
The Everqueen 110.00
Celestant Prime 40.00
Putrid Blightkings 30.00
Treelord & Treelord Ancient 80.00
Archaon Everchosen 250.00

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