Building contest: Yes or No?

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Re: Building contest: Yes or No?

Post by kturock » Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:14 pm

I'm glad you qualified that annoying part with responsibilities. ;-)

If we continue the building contest; pieces or models?
I just finished some deamonettes, 5-6 pieces per model.
I also finished 2 sets of Dreadblade Harrows. 4 pieces per model.
Infernal Enrapturess 25 pieces.

And am about to start Haaken Woldclaimer, he's about 21 pieces.

My point is the Deamonettes are 1 point and Haarken is maybe 2 and the Harrows are 3 [on horse].

20 deamonettes at per model are 20 points.
Haarken 1-2 points.
Infernal Enrapturess 2-3 points.
4 Harrows, 12 points.

The special anniversary and limited edition models and a couple of the named models are only 4 pieces each.. Bigger models don't alway equate to more pieces. [Knight of Shrouds, 6 pieces. Bladegheist Revenant 3 pieces. Both are including the base.]

So... how are we going to score it; IF we score it?

By the piece or by the model size like the painting contest.

Also I have some questions and comments for it.. I'll start a new thread for.
Heh, I was called a Grognard. ;-)
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