Secret Weapon Washes color matching

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Secret Weapon Washes color matching

Post by tarthrin » Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:12 am

Hi folks,

I'm currently using Seraphim Sepia (Used to be Gryphonne Sepia) from citadel. I am considering switching to a secret weapon wash. (I currently have some blues, purples, and green washes and I love them). Problem is, I don't have a good idea color comparison between the Seraphim and what Secret Weapon has to offer (the color swatches on the computer screen don't work well).

I usually use the "paint range compatibility" chart on Dakka but the Secret Weapon paint line isn't included.

Anyone have a color comparison chart for Secret Weapon or have a reasonably good idea of what might match?
Based on the color description and the computer screen color it could be "Dark Sepia Wash", "Flesh Wash", or maybe "Baby Poop Wash"?

Any help would be appreciated, just trying to avoid buying 6 bottles to find out.

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