Ork Bike smoke effects

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Ork Bike smoke effects

Post by Bradgar » Sun Nov 14, 2021 4:05 pm

Hello, I've been working on a project this past week that ended up successful, and wanted to share the method.


I had some old trees that had been smushed and couldn't be fixed, so I tore the old 'bushes' off the top and spray painted them gray. (second picture)

I then smothered them in ModgePodge to give them some structure and then painted /the bottom/ black. After this step I glued the 'smoke' to the base. I then added 2 gray colors and a bit of white on the tips to blend the colors together. Final step was to coat the structure with a water downed modgepodge to help hold it in place and fix it to the base. For the bike popping a wheelie I had to use a small bit of paper-clip painted black and stuck it into the middle of the mass of 'bushes', this gave it the structure to stick out into the middle. I was also able to keep that front wheel able to turn.

Thanks for looking!

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Re: Ork Bike smoke effects

Post by MagickalMemories » Sun Nov 14, 2021 6:49 pm

That's a good trick.
I've seen people use that to mount Stormboyz to their bases, with some wire structure hidden in the smoke. it really allowed for some characterful poses.

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