Something to remember when selling

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Something to remember when selling

Post by EVIL INC » Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:38 pm

In addition to the trade sites there are also online discount sites. I see all the time people advertising stuff on trade sites and asking full retail. Sometimes, they might even say "low end of retail". Do they not realize that defeats the purpose of people coming to the trade sites to buy stuff? If someone wanted to pay full retail, they would just go to the discount sites and get it for less shipping and have a gaurentee of getting the product and it be brand new in package with any defects meaning they could return it for a refund (or in mos cases snap a picture of it or let the seller know and the seller just send an additional one.

Now, it is understandable if your selling high quality painted miniatures that come bare but you made them look super good but even so, my painting has won out over people who have placed in the Golden Daemon awards and Idont ask full retail for y stuff allowing that unless someone is buying my full army, they will likely need to strip and repaint to match their own scheme. but some stuff like the pre painted stuff or hero clicks, you can get dirt cheap at the local brick and morters out of a dollar box tax free yet I see them advertised here full ratail and sellers get insulted when you let them know.

I know people want their money back they put into them but chances are, it just isnt gonna happen and ya gotta realize you gotta take what you can get. A trade site IS essentially a "yard sale" site so people come expecting yard sale prices , if they see full retail, they will just go to the store. Not a rant, just a tip that may help people sell their stuff faster and bring more buyers to these trade sites instead of pushing them away.
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