A new Trader Omnibus

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A new Trader Omnibus

Post by Doctari » Fri Feb 07, 2020 6:13 pm

So you’re going to try to sale/trade some of your miniatures, eh?


Here’s some tips to help you get started!

Here is a list of commonly used acronyms and what they mean!

WTT: Want to trade
WTS: Want to Sale
WTB: Want to Buy
PM/DM: Private Message/Direct Message
NIB: New in Box
NOS: New on Sprue

1. Make a list of everything you are going to be selling or trading. A list is essential so that:
a. You know what you have and how many of them you have.
b. Your buyer can easily determine if you have what they are after
c. You can update what you have left if you decide to split your lot up so you don’t have to answer a lot of “Do you have X left” messages
2. Take pictures of everything you are selling. Yes everything. Yup, that too. This is a time saver in the long run. If your items are not NOS/NIB almost anyone you trade with is going to want a picture, and even if they don’t ask for one offering to send them one will put people’s minds at ease and help make the trade go smoothly.
3. Take a moment to note down the condition of everything you are selling. Some people simply won’t be in the market for stuff that’s not NIB/NOS, and some people only want stuff that’s already assembled, a small annotation beside each item will save a lot of time with having to answer “What condition is X in” messages.
4. Decide how much you want to get for your items (if selling) or what you want to trade for them (if trading) or both if you are going to be flexible. A great place to find actual market value is Ebay. Search for the item you are selling and then on the left hand column select “Sold Listings”, this will give you a list of the price buyers have been willing to pay for the product. A couple of other things to keep in mind:
a. If the buyer can purchase the item cheaper on ebay, generally they will.
b. Condition matters, NIB>NOS>Assembled>Primed>Painted (unless immaculate, literal professionally painted, and even then sometimes not)
c. Everyone can find new models for 15% off with free shipping (after a set amount purchased) online.
Your post
How exciting! It’s time to post your first sales post! Here’s some things you can do to make it stand out from the hoi polloi.
1. Use descriptive words in your subject line. Be sure to describe what you have to trade/sale and what you are looking to get.
a. Good: WTS Primaris Marine Army (XXXX Pts), Looking for Paypal, other Warhammer Armies
b. Bad: Have lots of space things. Lking 4 thng.
2. In the body of your post start with what you have for sale/trade. Outline its quantity, its condition, and your expected price (if applicable). Be as clear and brief as possible. While a complete description of the models is appreciated, a back story on how you were drawn to them is probably not needed.
3. After listing what you have to sale/trade take a moment to list what you’re looking for. Use the same attention to detail that you used when listing your haves. This will save you and your potential partner time and frustration.
4. List what service you will be using to ship your items (and any applicable charges). Again be very clear to avoid any confusion.
5. Finally list any special requirements you might have.


<Title> WTS: Primaris Space Marine Army (NIB/NOS) Want: Cash

<Body> I have the following to sale:

1 Primaris half of the Dark Imperium Box Set (NOS) $80
2 Primaris Repulsor Tanks (NIB) $60 Each
4 sets of 5 Scouts with Sniper Rifles (NIB) $20 each

If you want the entire lot I can do 240

At this point I’m only looking for cash via paypal.

Shipping will be USPS and is included in the price if you purchase the lot or actual cost if you purchase the individual units.

Lowest rating ships first, buyer must pay before shipping



Packing your shipment
Packing your shipment to ensure your trading partner doesn’t receive a box of plastic and metal scrap is of paramount importance. Next to out and out scams the biggest cause of “bad trades” is probably poor packing and tardy shipment.
Some things to remember when shipping models:
1. The box you use matters. A new, sturdy cardboard box will help ensure that your item reaches its destination without being crushed or damaged. The thin cardboard boxes that most Warhammer models come in are not rated for any crushing pressure (and are shipped to stores inside larger, sturdier boxes) and as such are NOT acceptable for shipping.
2. You should remove any stickers/markings from the outside of any reused boxes. This includes tracking stickers, address labels, or markings from previous shipments. If you cannot get the sticker off black out any writing or barcodes using a heavy black marker.
3. Movement is the enemy when shipping. Any empty space in box should be filled with an appropriate packing material. I suggest using foam peanuts (available at any UPS store, uline.com, or similar) but if you don’t have access to any I would suggest using plastic bags from a supermarket or big box store. You can compress them and they will form around the models. Your goal is that once the box is fully packed if shook you will not hear any rattling. If it rattles, you can pretty much expect something to not arrive in one piece.
I would not suggest toilet paper/paper towels as filler material but your mileage may vary. Paper products have never worked for me.
4. If possible you should wrap any model that you don’t want rubbing against another model with bubble wrap. Placing 20 models in a bag and the filling the area around it will result in broken models and hurt feelings.


I will finish this when I have time!
If we're trading: Lower ships first, even if its me.
If I'm buying: If you have a REASONABLE (>20) rating with no negatives, I'm paying first.
If I'm selling: You're paying first.
I always check Ebay before making/accepting offers. You should to. Fair market value >>>> "I feel they are worth X"

Offers good for 24hrs.

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Re: A new Trader Omnibus

Post by 3eland » Fri Feb 07, 2020 8:40 pm


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Re: A new Trader Omnibus

Post by MagickalMemories » Mon May 04, 2020 7:42 pm

GREAT start.
Some suggestions for inclusion:
1) A link to the rules
2) A reminder that "lowest rating ships first" is a common preference here but IS IN NO WAY a site rule and WILL NEVER BE a site rule. You'd be surprised how many people erroneously believe it's actually a site rule.

Thanks for doing this.

Lower rating? You ship first.

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