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Star trek Adventures...WOW

Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 11:58 pm
by kturock
Ok. I went big and pre-ordered the special edition Borg Cube for Modiphius new 2d20 Star Trek RPG. [$500 big.] I'm looking/scanning/reading through it now. All I gotta say is wow. The art is fantastic. There is over 1 chapter of letters, reports, communiques, diagrams and just out right art from TOS and NextGen.

You can buy the PDF directly from Modiphius or RPGnow. The pdf IS $15.46. It's 376 pages. If you pre-oder the printed book from Modiphius OR you local game store, you get a copy of the PDF FREE. If you buy from Modiphius, they send you a download link with your receipt. If you order it through your FLGS, get a receipt from them and email it to Modiphius, and they'll send you the link.

Modiphius has the FULL CBS/Paramount rights to all Trek from ToS to the NextGen movies. No Discovery, novels, cartoons, comics or 'reboot'. So Tos, NG, Voy, DS9, ENT and all the ToS and NextGen movies. That's a crap ton of material.

$16 for a full rulebook, that comes in full color and printer friendly versions as PDF is unreal. There are quickstart rules, fan and test adventures already online.
Since they don't advertise here, I won't post a link, but you can easily search Modiphius or Star Trek Adventures online or at rpgnow. Just the artwork and the fluff alone are worth $16.
They have a facebook page as well as forums for Q&A with writers and designers. Official answers before the books are released.

I've backed the Conan KS as well as the Warzone:Mutant Chronicles from Modiphius. Conan comes a close 2nd on my new favorite game, tied with STA.
All of the systems use a version of 2d20. All have FREE quickstart rules with a scenario from the Modiphius page.

Ok, back to rapid fanboy.

Re: Star trek Adventures...WOW

Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:36 pm
by hapotte
I've preordered all of the miniature and I was on the fence of buying the PDF but now I think I will!