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H: DZC, Antares W: Paypal, Misc 40k

If it's futuristic and it's not 40K, you've got the right place. Dystopian Wars, Infinity, Warpath, etc. goes here

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H: DZC, Antares W: Paypal, Misc 40k

Post by piperider361 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:57 pm

Dropzone (all NiB):

UCM - Plastic Starter Set $25
UCM - Phoenix $35
UCM - Infantry Flak Teams (2) $10 ea
Resistance - Resin Starter Set $65
Resistance - Attack Bikes $10
PHR: Valkries $10
Scourge - Oppressor $20
Shaltari - Samurai (2) $10 ea
Promo - PHR Aegaeon Dropship (2) $20 ea
Promo - UCM Escape Pod (3) $20 e

I also have a Gates of Antares Concord army for sale. $175 shipped.

HQ Wizardy guy
HQ Character holding a Ghar head
40 Concord Troops w/ 8 Plasma Lances
2 X-Launchers w/ Crew
1 X-Howitzer w/ Crew
1 Skimmer Tank
Numerous drones and probes of various varieties

I have this army for sale, based for Napoleon at War. $250 shipped in the US. That comes to a little under $1 a figure. They are mostly Man at War figures, with a couple AB mixed in.

120x Line Infantry
48x Light Infantry
28x Skirmishers
24x Dragoons
3x Cannons
1x Limber
5x Mounted Officers

On the Warhammer front, I also have a NiB Empire Celestial Hurricanum/Luminark of Hysh kit for $40 shipped, and an old Lizardmen/Seraphon army box which contains 24 Skinks, 24 Saurus, and 8 Saurus Knights new on sprue for $100 shipped.

In addition, I'll take the following in trade:

IG Scout Sentinels (NiB or partially assembled only - intend to magnetize)
Genestealer Cults Neophytes with Flamers (or just the flamer bits) - Will purchase these with $$ as well
IG Leman Russ Kits (NiB only - intend to magnetize)
IG Basilisks
IG Manticore
IG Tempestus Scions
IG Wyvern
Tyranid Trygon (Assembled only)
DA Deathwing Knights
DA Ravenwing Black Knights
DA Land Speeder Vengeance & Dark Shrouds
Imperium Heroes of the Triumvirate Box w/ Celestine, Cawl, & Greyfax

Malifaux (plastics only w/ 2e cards):
Guild Emissary
Guild Effigy

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