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H: Infinity JSA Army / Painted Infinity Terrain set W: Paypal

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H: Infinity JSA Army / Painted Infinity Terrain set W: Paypal

Post by Bromosapien » Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:47 pm

Selling the following army lots for a friend of mine. Also selling a large painted Infinity terrain set.


Yu Jing: Japanese Sectorial Army $44.99
Yu Jing: JSA Support Pack $33.99
Yu Jing: Haramaki Zensenbutai 4 Piece Box $31.99
Yu Jing: Karakuri Special Project 3 piece Box (NIB) $26.99
Yu Jing: O-Yoroi Kidobutai (NIB) $47.99
Yu Jing: Ninja (Shock CCW/Combi Rfl) $10.99
Yu Jing: Ninja (Hacker) (NIB) $10.99
Yu Jing: Domaru Butai (Boarding Shotgun/AP CCW) $10.99
Yu Jing: Keisotsu Butai (Missile Launcher) (NIB) $10.99
Yu Jing: Hsien Warrior $15.99
Yu Jing: Guilang (Combi Rifle) $10.99
Mercenary: Miyamoto Mushashi (NIB) $10.99
Mercenary: Yojimbo $27.99
Yu Jing: Plastic Token Set $15.00

Total: $310.87 - Asking $200 + shipping

War Machine/Hordes

TrollBloods: Mk. 2 Starter Box (Painted) $39.99
Trollbloods: Impaler Light Warbeast (Painted) $18.99
Trollbloods: Dire Troll Mauler (Painted) $34.99
Trollbloods: Fenblades Box Set (Painted) $49.99
Trollbloods: Fenblade Officer and Standard UA (Painted) $21.99
Trollbloods: Sons of Bragg Unit $39.99
Trollbloods: Skinner $11.99
Trollbloods: Runeshapers Unit (Painted) $31.99
Trollbloods: Runebearer (Painted) $12.99
Trollbloods: Borka Kegslayer and Pyg Keg Carrier $27.99
Trollbloods: Hunters Grim Epic Warlock Unit $39.99

Total: $330.89 - Asking $165 + shipping.

Also have a LARGE collection of Infinity Terrain + FAT Mat inner cities 4x4. Asking $400 + shipping
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