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[H]: Painted armies/LE Minis/Klingons [W]: $$$/Misc.

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[H]: Painted armies/LE Minis/Klingons [W]: $$$/Misc.

Post by Fin-man » Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:40 am

One of my goals in 2017 is to trim down about 20% of my overall collection. To that end, I am putting up several of my collections which I no longer use, including fully painted 40K and AOS/KOW/9th age armies. I'm primarily looking for cash (via PayPal or US Postal M.O.), but there are a number of specific items that I am looking for in trade, which could be negotiated into a cash / trade deal.

Haves: [Note: All prices do not include shipping.]

Fully painted Dark Elf army: [For trade / sale as a lot only]
[No models are finecast]

• Maliketh on Dragon
• Morathai (Pegasus)
• Sorcerer on foot
• Sorcerer on cold one
• 60 Spearelves (3 FC)
• 30 Corsairs (2FC)
• 40 Witch Elves (2FC)
• 10 Cold ones (FC)
• 8 Dark Riders (FC)
• 33 Crossbows (3 FC)
• 8 Gargoyles
• 15 Executioners (FC)
• 15 Black Guard (FC)
• 9 Shades
• 2 Chariots
• 4 RBTs

Retail price: $1,300 Cash price: $950 plus shipping

Fully painted Eldar army: [For trade / sale as a lot only]
[No models are finecast]
*Note: Troops are magnetized with neodymium magnets for ease of transport.
• Eldrad
• Farseer
• Asurmen
• Warlock (4 sword, 2 spear)
• 6 Fire Dragons w/ exarch
• 10 Howling Banshees w/ exarch
• 6 Striking Scorpions w/ exarch
• 10 Wraithguard
• 18 Guardians w/ weapon platform
• 10 Dire Avengers w/ exarch
• 10 Dire Avengers w/ exarch
• Wave Serpent (TL Brightlance, cannon)
• Wave Serpent (TL Star cannon or ML)
• 8 Warp Spiders w/ exarch
• Crimson Hunter
• Wraithknight
• 5 Dark Reapers w/ exarch
• Wraithlord (dual shirking cannon)
• Wraithlord (shiurken cannon, blade)
• Falcon (TL Brightlance, catapult)
• 3 War Walkers w/ scatter laser & Brightlance

Retail price: $1,175 Cash price: $900 plus shipping

Fully painted IG / AM army: [For trade / sale as a lot only]
[No models are finecast, all the regular guardsmen are Steel Legion]
*Note: Troops are magnetized with neodymium magnets for ease of transport.

• Two Commanders (1 BP / CCW, 1 CCW)
• Eight GL troopers
• Four plasma gun troopers
• Five Ogryns
• Eleven Storm troopers (1 Melta, 2 Plasma gun)
• Calladius assassin
• Five 8-man squad with sgt. / plasma gun
• Four 8-man squad with sgt. / GL
• Eight missile launcher heavy weapon teams
• Five lascannon heavy weapon teams
• Two heavy bolter heavy weapon teams
• Three Chimera
• Valkyrie
• Ten Rough riders (1 sgt, 1 flamer)
• Sentinel
• Two Leman Russ (Lascannon, sponson Heavy Bolter)
• Leman Russ (Heavy Bolter, sponson Heavy Bolter)
• Leman Russ (Magnetized - Multi)
• Extra Forgeworld Vanquisher turret


Retail price: $1,180 Cash price: $950 plus shipping

Limited Edition models:
(All models are mint in blister / baggie as they came)
• Wood Elf Std.
• Middenhiem Army Std.
• The White Dwarf
• WD 300 White Dwarf
• Bilbo Baggins
• Marco Colombo
• Valten on Foot
• Bugman's LE Dwarf
• Ogre Ninja Maneater
• Ultra SM Std.
• G.D. 2000 Black Orc
• G.D. 2002 Chaos
• Epitome of Evil Marauder
• Roadshow Cadians
• LE Inquisitor
• Harry the Hammer
• Ral Partha Slave Auction
• LE WHFB Dice Set & Bag

Fully-painted Klingon fleet: [For trade / sale as a lot only]
• Two B10 Battleships
• One C8/C9 Dreadnaught
• Three D7 Cruisers
• Seven D6 Cruisers
• Three D5W Heavy Cruisers
• One D6 Mauler
• Seven D5 War Cruisers
• Six F6 Frignaughts
• Nine F5 Frigates
• Three E5 Escorts
• Three E4 Escorts
• One RKL Sparrowhawk
• One LTT Tug (One Pod)
• One T7 Tug (2 pods)
• One Battlestation

Retail price: $410 Cash price: $350 plus shipping

High-Priority Wants
Well-painted Tau Army (2000+ points, fully painted) [This can be a cash / trade deal]
• Thunderbolt Mountain ‘Triton’s Sea Chariot’ [I’ll trade VERY well for this model]
HORDES: Swamp Horror [2]
Empire: Well-painted Empire Steam Tank [Prefer plastic]
WOOD ELVES: OOP Ariel, Mage Queen of Loren
Tomb Kings: Sepulchral Stalkers [6]
INFINITY: Well-painted JSA, Haqqislam or PanOceana force (prefer newer sculpts)
Lizardmen / Seraphon:
• Kroxigors [3-4]
• Chameleon Skinks [10-20] (Pewter)
• Terradons [6]
• Saurus Oldblood
• Eternity Warden

Other Wants
• VIP Executive from Dire Foes Mission Pack 4
Yu Jing: Yojimbo
Yu Jing: Shaolin warrior monks box
REAPER: Guardian Beast [2], Bones Large Water Elemental #77311 [5]
Orcs & Goblins: Trolls [6]
LOTR: Easterling Kataphrakts (plastic) [5 boxes]
AT-43: AT-43 containers
Well-painted Dark Angels Land Speeder Vengeance/Darkshroud (Magnetized to be either)
Well-painted Forgeworld Necron Pylon
• Sideshow Warhammer 40,000 Statue Brother Hyrion, Brother Ostavia
My trading rules:

#1) If I have contacted you, please have the courtesy to respond.
#2) Lower rating ships first
#3) I use USPS Mail with delivery confirmation.
#4) Always leave feedback

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