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H: Malifaux, Dropfleet, Misc W:$, Malifaux, Dropfleet, Misc

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asyer69 ( 52 )
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H: Malifaux, Dropfleet, Misc W:$, Malifaux, Dropfleet, Misc

Post by asyer69 » Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:17 am


Huge lot of ships including promos, basic sets and expansions, lots of rares. They are plastic cards you punch-out and build. pm me for pics and a list.

most cards from generalist upgrade deck 1 &2 -$.25ea

outcasts lot
leviticus crew, metal, painted, current cards (leviticus, 2 hollow waifs, 4 abominations, desolation engine) + desolation engine, m2e, painted + bishop, m2e, regular sculpt, built bare + miss demeanor, metal, some paint, no card -$70+s&h

outcasts lot #2
hamelin crew, m2e, with additional guilder hamelin, painted -$70+s&h

ressers lot
seamus crew, built, m2e, bare + 3 rotten belle, metal, painted, with cards + 2 rotten belle, built, m2e, bare + dead doxie, built, m2e, primed + 1 punk zombie, nos, m2e + 3 necro punks, metal, built, not painted, no cards, no bases + seamus, the mad hatter, metal, well painted, no card -$70+s&h

neverborn lot
3 daydreams, metal, well painted, no cards -$10+s&h

arcainists lot
december acolyte, metal, painted, no card + 2 sabertooh cerberus, metal, painted, no cards + 1 hoarcat pride, metal, (3 cats on 1 base) painted, no cards + miss step, built, poorly glued to base, missing right hand, bare + willie, nos + translucent orange firestarter, nos -$70+s&h

ten thunders lot
misaki crew, m2e (except misaki, shes metal), built, bare (except misaki, some paint) + thunder archers, (3ea) m2e, built, bare, 1 some paint + 2 thunder brothers, metal, primed white, no cards + monk of the high river, (1ea), m2e, built, bare + yamaziko, m2e, built, bare -$55+s&h

guild lot
2 exorcists, built, bare, m2e -$11+s&h


2x shaltari frigates sprues new
2x shaltari cruisers sprues new


paypal is preferred

Dropfpeet Commander: high priority
ucm battleships x2- new
ucm corvets x12- new
ucm faction dice x2
launch assets pack x2- new
space station pack x2- new
resin cluster pack- new
civilian cruiser- new

malifaux 2e only:
new on sprue is prefered. Expertly built is ok. Will need pics if built.

nightmare translucent tara crew
vicktorias avatar

guild hounds

arcane effigy

canine remains (4ea)

corrupted hounds (4ea)

Ten Thunders:
oiran (1ea)

misc wyrd items:
hats and guns of malifaux
lamps (5 sets)
My trade rules:
I do not gift via PayPal.
Lower rating ships/pays first.
I post tracking numbers, so should you.
Feedback is part of the agreement. Our deal will not be concluded untill it is left by both of us.
If I don't hear from you within 48hrs then I will assume you are no longer interested and will move on to the next offer.
People who owe me feedback: JustinMF1, CleverAntics, Drool_bucket, Nirvanawn(didn't like my honest reference)

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