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Post by Vicktor » Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:16 pm

Hello Bartertown,
Not looking to buy as much as trade exceptions for super good prices (not going to pay retail plus shipping). I want to move stuff out not cash. Prefer new in box but will take painted depending on the deal and what it is you are offering. Please state the condition of the items you would like to trade. Cuts down on the back and forth if I know exactly what you are offering.

New in box gets the best deal.

No "how much" messages. If you have an offer in mind, make it and we will go from there. The worst I can say is "No Thanks". I will sell but not for dirt cheap. Pictures upon request. Let know me if your offer includes shipping. Generally on cash deals, buyer pays shipping.

I have boxes of bitz bits. Let me know what you are looking for and I will look. It makes the ad unwieldy, not to mention tedious for me, if I list every arm, leg, head, or weapon.

Not all my hobby stuff is listed. If there is something on my want list you have but don't see something you want contact me. I just may have it.

Thanks for looking and let's trade.


Flames of War (Battlefront)

General Items
Small Spiral Bound Flames of War Rulebook
DasBook-some self wear but great-very good condition
Forces Book (Near Mint).
Resin Urban Bases-17 Medium w/5 places, 3 small with 3 places, and 5 small with 2 places. Unpainted. Not sure of the brand or maker.

1 BR207 Blister Scout Carrier Platoon (3 vehicles) Sealed

German FOW
1 Jagdpanther base coated panzer yellow

1 F106 Pioneer Platoon Blister

Soviet USSR
1 Soviet HQ XX521-Objective Marker Sealed in Blister
1 122mm howitzer (2) Sealed in Blister
1 Infantry Company-Great Coat Strelkovy mounted on 23 meduim bases and primed black

2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Warhammer 40K
Wargear 1993

15 Sheets of Decals (various)

Imperial Guard-Astra Militarum

OOP Metal Heavy weapon parts metal (5 tires, 1 heavy bolter shield, 1 heavy bolter piece-no mount) Good for OOP Valhallan, Cadian, or
1 Mordian Sgt Bare Metal-never painted
1 Wyrdvane Psykers-bare metal never painted
1 Out of print (3rd/4th ed?) Imperial Guard/ Space Marine Vehicle accessory sprue 2 no paint, a few bits missing

15 Heads
10 Arms
2 Large Knife Arms
3 Small Knife Arms
2 Large Knife in Scabbard
2 Laspistol Arms

1 Officer/Commander (monocle power sword)
1 Officer (helmet) bare metal-sword and plasma pistol
1 Officer bare metal-chainsword and bolt pistol - chainsword needs to be pinned back on
1 Regimental (Large) Flag/Banner--bare metal
1 Company (Meduim)/Banner Flag--bare metal
2 Casualty on the ground-bare metal
3 Medics-bare metal
4 Melta Gunner-bare metal
2 Plasma Gunner-bare metal
1 Vox/Commo Operator-bare metal
1 Blister (1 Plama and 1 Melta Gunner)
Cadian Heavy Weapons bits-enough to make complete mortars, and launchers plus a few miscellaneous bits for other heavy weapons no crew.

Super Heavies
Baneblade-new on sprue with box, (older kit that makes only Baneblade or Hellhammer) 2007 Version
Shadowsword-new on sprue with box, (older kit that makes only Shadowsword or Stormlord) 2007 Version
Only trade for high priority wants and in my favor due shipping costs.

Super Detailed Baneblade plus a bag of metal tracks that do not come with original kit.
Only trade for high priority wants and in my favor due shipping costs.

Last Chancers
1 OX bare metal missing heavy boltor

1 Marine Scout w/ bolter primed white OOP
ULTRAMARINES Chaplin Cassius Bare Metal top of Crozius broken
Space Marine Metal Assault Sergeant Jump Pack Power Fist (1994' OOP) (top far right)
OOP Apothecary Backpack Warhammer Metal stripped
3 sets Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard Wings Bits plastic (wings only, total of 6 wings)
5 scout shotgun arms
Salamanders Chaplain Xavier Metal OOP-bare metal, missing cape/backpack, hammer missing off right arm
1 Commander plastic unpainted missing left arm - prefab one just two pieces the two pegs were broken inside but it will still together with glue
...Bits Bitz

Space Marine Shoulder Pads OOP Metal
4 Ultramarine
5 Black Templar
5 Iron Hands
1 Iron Hands Techmarine (Gear around Hand Icon)
1 Death Company
1 Large Skull Icon
2 Small Skull/w sword through Skull
1 Ultramarine Veteran (?) Wreath around Small Ultra symbol
2 Plain Shoulder Pads with three knobs on border

OOP Space Marine Mk1 Rhino/Predator Bits
1 Side Pannel without Side Hatch primed (both inside and outside pieces glued)
1 Outer Hull Bare Plastic cracked but repairable with some TLC
1 light & tow bar bare plastic
1 Rhino Top Double Doors/Hatch Bare Plastic
1 (L) Side Exhausts Bare Just clipped off
1 (L) Side Exhausts Bare Some glue on outside (a little TLC should fix up)
2 Side Exhausts Used Painted Silver the pipes have been broken off but are included. Easy to glue back on for whichever side you need.
2 Front Hull Bit Predator (1 Primed Black and 1 Bare Plastic)
1 Front Drivers Door Bare Plastic clipped off sprue
6 Rhino Boltor Weapon (3 bare Plastic,2 Primed, 1 Primed and Used)
4 Door Hatch Handles Bare Plastic (2 broken but a little glue and paint, good as new)
1 Large Side Rail (half on sprue and half broken off) bare plastic0
4 Rhino Headlights (3 Bare Plastic, 1 Primed)
4 Rhino Smoke Launchers Bare Plastic
3 Round Weapon Mount Hatches (2 Bare Plastic, 1 Primed)
3 Small Antenna bare plastic
1 man hole cover hatch primed
half of top door hatch primed
1 Metal GW limited Edition Extra Armor Front Piece primed black (replaces the two doors or single angle piece)
4 Smoke Launchers bare plastic

"OOP Space Marine Metal Parts-MK I Rhino "
Vindicator Parts
Stripped Metal Parts off the OOP Vindicator (main gun and front hull, upper hull piece with hatch, upper hull engine deck, and 3 of 6 side panels)
1 Rare Set of Predator Ablative Armor Plates OOP 90s Predator/Rhino Extra Armor-all bare metal never painted except for 1 plate which is well stripped.

OOP Space Marine Metal Dreadnaught
1 Dreadnaught with Assault Cannon and Power Claw-stripped but complete

Black Templar
23 Black Templar Bolters- 9 on sprue, 14 clipped off sprue no paint
Lots of BT bits just let me know what you are looking for
1 Emperor's Champion in blister

1 Blister Imperial Preacher sealed OOP-Sword and book
1 Blister Imperial Preacher sealed Sword
1 Blister Imperial Missionary Book on pole, chainsword, and backpack.

2 CSM Heads Misc (one topknot)
1 CSM Plasma Pistol
4 Pouches Bitz (2 small pistol)
1 Front Torso Piece with chainmail
1 Power fist pointing
2 Arms (one with arm glued to a shoulder pad no hand)
7 metal shoulder pads various
1 Metal helmet/head with topknot
1 metal chaos heavy bolter backpack
2 metal chaos marine rocket launcher (left)
1 Metal head (looks like Green Goblin)
3 Metal weapons chaos (not sure if 40k or fantasy but definite GW)
6 Icon standards various including one metal Nurgle (not sure if 40k or fantasy but definite GW)
small pile of Chaos Vehicle accessories including command looking piece but not the cover
10 Chainswords (one has just the hand but not the arm)
small pile of random bitz to include some capes (not sure if 40k or fantasy but definite GW)
Khorne Bezerker Heads Bitz x 4
OPP Terminator Trophy Back Rack primed black metal
Chaos Space Marine Havoc Champion Torso & Head Bare Metal OPP
1 Chaos Marine Autocannon Bit Bare metal (gun and opposite arm)
Miscellaneous Vehicle Bits- small pile including 1/2 sprue primed-mostly trophy spikey rail with a couple of chains mixed in

2 Tyranid Gargoyle Broods on sprue-no heads but everything else bare plastic on sprue
21 Termagant Spinefists Bits (15 bare plastic, 5 primed black)
3 Termagant Bodies (complete) primed black
1 Termagant Bodies (missing leg bits) primed black
2 Termagant Heads primed black
8 Termagant Scything Talons (8 primed black)
8 Termagant Adrenal Glands (6 bare plastic, 2 primed black)
10 Termagant Biomorph Bits plate looking things (bare plastic)
3 Metal Scything Talons bare stripped metal
8 Warrior Tyranid flesh hooks (4 bare plastic, 3 primed black)
1 Warrior Barbed Strangler Cannon Bits-1 supporting arms (bare plastic)
4 Warriors Deathspitter Cannons-no supporting arm bits (bare plastic)
6 Warrior Scything Talons (4 bare plastic, 2 primed black)
17 Warrior Devourer Arm Bits (12 bare plastic, 7 primed black)
5 Warrior Head Bits (3 bare plastic, 2 primed black)
1 Warrior Arm Bit primed black
3 Carnifex Carapace Spore Cysts Bits (3 bare plastic)
4 Carnifex Extended Carapace bits (4 bare plastic)
4 Carnifex Adrenal Gland & Toxin Sacs Accessories Biomorphs Bit (bare plastic)
20 Gargoyle Wings Bits-Bare Plastic
10 Gargoyle Heads-Bare Plastic
10 Gargoyle Fleshborer Arm Pair Bits
1 Genestealer arm primed black

Space Hulk 3rd Edition
Rulebook and Mission Book
Map TIles

Ravening Hordes
Warhammer Fantasy Battle Core Rule Book 6th Edition
1999 Warhammer Vampire Counts Army Book
Rulebook from Game 1992
Battlebook 1996
Dwarfs Army Book 1993
High Elves Army Book 1997
Orcs and Goblins Army Book 1993
The Empire Army Book 2000
Siege Book 1998
Dwarves Army Book 2000
Realms of Chaos Book

1 Vampire Count Necrarch Vampire mounted OOP metal NIB
1 Vampire Count Necrarch Vampire on Foot/necromancer OOP metal NIB
1 Undead Mounted Wrights (1 ea.) OOP NIB
1 Blood Dragon Knight on foot OOP NIB
1 Dire Wolf Pack Leader NIB OOP metal
8 Dire wolf (2 wolves plastic bodies metal head) OOP
1 Mounted Wight Lord oop Metal assembled no paint
1 mounted Vampire Lord assembled no paint OOP
2 Mounted Wight oop Metal assembled no paint-bits for standard or musical instrument for both
2 mounted Wight bodies loose no paint
1 Neferata's Cat Bastet bare metal never painted
Small amount of mounted bits
1 Necromancer oop bare metal OOP
1 Blood Dragon Knight on foot no paint
1 Banshee on base no paint
16 Vampire Bats-(10 Bats bare metal loose, 4 Bats mounting rods broken off bare metal no paint, 2 Bats mounting rods still on but base at bottom missing bare metal no paint)
3 Ghosts mounted on stand no paint
3 Ghosts loose no paint (one hand has damaged hand not really noticeable)
Small pile of miscellaneous bits
4 sets of Vampire Counts Building Metal Accents all new loose - (set is 1 Rectangular Skull plate, 1 cap piece,1 spiked rail)
2 partially assembled complete skeletons
2 plastic banners no paint'
12 plastic arms holding weapons
6 plastic shields of various types
Small pile of miscellaneous bits

1 Empire Flagellants 8561E sealed blister (2 figures per blister)
1 Empire Flagellants primed black top of staff broken off but good conversion material
Knights White Wolf Arm Bits clipped off sprue no paint

Militia (?)
4 Troops on sprue-missing a few small bits. no paint
2 Troops on command sprue missing small miscellanous bit

Warriors of Chaos WHFB
Warriors of Chaos Lord Of Khorne Body (metal, unpainted) OOP
Chaos Marauder Epitome of Evil 2002 NIB

Miscellaneous WHFB
Small pile of bits-odds and ends from Lizardmen, Ogres, Elves, Chaos, etc..
Castle and Building Bits-14 metal arrowslit or loophole bits (a thin vertical aperture in a fortification through which an archer can launch arrows), 6 corner edge pieces (if you are really curios request a pic), and some other miscellanous bits.

Small pile of bitz; mainly spear arms
Small collection of Black Orc Bits-5 bodies, 3 pairs of legs, 2 right legs, 2 right arms w/weapons, and 2 left arms w/weapons.
Limited Ed 2007 Games Day Orc bare metal pretty much mint but out of package.

1 Blister Witch Hunter Zealots (2 Inside) 8808E Warhammer Fantasy Battles/AOS Mordheim NIB GW

Banshee BNC-3E 20-882 NIB Ral Partha $15
20-911 Crossbow NIB Ral Partha $15
Highlander IIC NIB $15
Ral Partha Phoenix Hawk Unseen Stripped well bare metal $25
Archer Resin Unseen from Battletech Game never painted $15
Slayer Aerospace Fighter $15
Lucifer LCF-R15 Aerospace Fighter $15
Ral Partha MHL-XI Marshal 20-820 NIB
20-672 Shadow Cat NIB
Note- some of the blister packaging is in poor shape but models are still mint inside

Collectible Card Game Accessories
2 Nyan Cat-Ultra pro deck protector sleeves 60 per, sealed
2 Nyan Cat-Ultra pro deck boxs sealed

Battletech Collectible Card Game
155 Random Cards plus 2 mini rulebooks

Dystopian Wars
Rule-book good amount of shelf wear
Rule-book 1.1 small amount of shelf wear
Hurricane Season Hardback near mint condition

Prussian-$125 shipping included for the lot
2 Emperor Class Battleship loose but not assembled or painted
5 Reiver Class Light Cruiser- Frigate loose but not assembled or painted
1 Reiver Class Light Cruiser primed
2 Hussar Class Gunships bare resin
10 Frigate bare resin
2 Frigate primed
2 Frigates painted grey
1 Frigate bare resin but the turret was cast without a gun. Easy fix for someone with basic skills.
2 Saxony Class Corvettes bare resin
1 Stolz class escorts bare resin
2 Geier Bomber loose but not assembled or painted
1 Geier Bomber loose bare mrtal stripped
1 Greir Bomber basic paint job
16 Tiny Flyer tokens loose not painted
2 Tiny Flyer tokens loose but primed
I only have stat cards for the Bomber, Battleship, and the Cruiser. Updated cards available from Spartan games.

VOR The Maelstrom
Neo Soviet Forces Book
In great shape with some shelf wear.

RED BLOK KOSSAK ASSAULT STRIDER-needs some TLC (missing back to one launcher, and left axle needs repair)

Twilight 2000 GDW Role Playing Game
Small Arms Guide

Car Wars-Steve Jackson Games
AADA Road Atlas and Survival Vol 2 – The West Coast – Shelfwear and creases overall good shape
AADA Road Atlas and Survival Vol 4 – Australia – Shelfwear but overall good shape
Auto Stop & Uncle Alberts Gunnery Shop Catalog From Hell Damage to Spine otherwise pretty good shape

Heavy Gear-DDP9-Dream Pod 9
2nd Edition Rulebook-Into the Eye of the Storm-some spine wear
New Breed Battle Before the Storm-some spine wear
Terra Novan Technology overall good shape with some spine damage
Northern Guard good shape with some spine damage
New Breed-Battle Before the Storm good shape with some spine damage
Southern Republic-Honor, Glory, and Steel some spine wear
Shields of Faith some spine damage
Heavy Gear Rulebook-New Era has just Begun

Renegade Legion
Centurion Blood and Steel Vehicle Briefing-cover has good amount of shelf wear interior in great shape

Miscellaneous Items
5 unpainted small round bases with raised rock like surface (not sure maker but definitely some after market)

Battlefleet Gothic
Gothic Warp Storm Book some shelf wear great shape


Flames of War (Battlefront)

New Afrika Korps Books
Earth and Steel
Atlantik Wall Rulebook
Bases with precut holes also rural and urban base sets.
1x 2013 Tournament Objective
1x 2014 Tournament Objective
1x 2015 Tournament Objective

Afrika Korps-new kits, new book
Panzer 38(t) B or C
FOW Plastic Panther Accessory Sprue Track, many as I can get.
Reinforced Trucks
Stuka zu Fuss
Stuka Bombers
BP44 Armoured Train Anti Aircraft Car
BP44 Armoured Train Artillery Car
Dicker Max Tank Hunter
Tigers (unassembled, have enough assembled ones)
Tiger skirt armor bitz
Dice Tin sets (any)
Pz 38t machineguns
3.7 cm German Anti Air Gun for vehicle Complete
Almost anything just ask.

M4 (M4A2 Sherman) SU071 need about 10
M4 (76mm Sherman) Box or Blister
BFM FoW WWII Soviet 15mm Soviet Objective Set
T-34s/76s or 85s
T-34 hulls
T-34 hull machineguns
T34/85 obr 1944
KV-1s SU083
KV hulls
KV - 1s Turrets
Partisans & Polizie SBX09
M-72 Motorcycle & Sidecar SU400
Soviet SU748 Mounted Razvedki Crew
76mm obr 1927 gun (x2)
Mid War Monsters - T-43 Medium Tank
Soviet - ZiS-6 Pioneer Supply Truck SU435
Soviet Dice Tin sets (any)
Almost anything just ask.

White Scout Car

United States
M3A1 Scout Car

ZVEZDA 1/100 German 38t Tank Kit
Zvezda NEW 1/144 World War II: German Dive Bomber Ju-87 B2 Stuka

Tanks The World War II Tank Skirmish Game
Panther vs Sherman Starter Set
Panther/Jagdpanther Box new
Sherman new
Almost anything-just ask.

Battlefleet Gothic
Battlefleet Magazines Issue #1 priority, other magazines also wanted
Bitz-Left over bits from ships, incomplete ships, broken ships, flight bases, parts, parts, and more parts.
(several ships in the shipyard awaiting parts-)
BFG/Epic Scale Green Dice
Clear plastic flying bases (both large and small)
Ordnance/Fighter Bases-prefer the long rectangular ones rather than the square ones.

Forgeworld Battlefleet Gothic
ANYTHING, from any fleet!

Space Marines BFG
Grey Knight Cruiser
Strike Cruisers
Escort Ships

Imperial Battlefleet Gothic
Battle cruisers metal ones
Cruisers-on sprue plastic (will take assembled ones with pics but not much trade value)
Space Stations/Orbital Defenses
Adeptus Mechanicus Battleship
Adeptus Mechanicus Cruisers
Adeptus Mechanicus Escorts
Rogue Trader Ships-Any
Dauntless Light Cruiser either variant
Dauntless Light Cruiser wings bit (cash paid for this part)
Ordnance; Torpedoes, Mines, Fighters, Bombers
Bits-Lots of ships sitting in space dock that need spare parts. LMK what you have. Need metal parts the most. Cash for vital parts.
Almost anything just ask.

Chaos Battlefleet Gothic
Grand Cruisers/Battle cruisers metal ones
Cruisers-on sprue plastic (will take assembled ones with pics but not much trade value)
Chaos Grand Cruiser Keel or the bottom wing pieces
Bits-Turrets need lots.

Yriels Flagship


Ork Battleships
Ork Forgeworld-Anything.

Epic Scale Warhammer 40K
Unit Bases-prefer the long rectangular ones rather than the square ones.

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game
No Starter Sets/Core Sets. I have plenty.
TIE Advanced
But almost Any Ship (Imperial, Rebel, Scum) just ask.
If used must be in good shape (would like all tokens/cards/etc. but not critical for all but complete items get a better trade) or still in blister gets better trade.

Dropzone Commander

Phase II Book

UCM-No Starter Sets Please.
Gladius Heavy Battle Tanks
Ferrum Class Drone Base
Katana Light Tanks
Almost anything let me know.

Looking for Starter Set
Any miniatures except Leviathan Hovercraft and Barrel Bomber just let me know.

Steve Jackson Ogre-(any condition-even if it is just bits)
Any Paneuropean or Combine Miniatures
Any Ogres- MkIII, MkIV, MK V, MKVI ETC.

Savannah Masters Hovercraft

CnC Miniatures
Science Fiction Line-any flex skirt hovercraft.
Science Fiction Line miniatures

Warhammer 40K
40K Cavalry/Bike Rounded/ellipse Bases
Flying bases-any size as long as in good condition

Ravenwing Dark Talon NOS
Space Marine Whirlwind NOS
Space Marine Centurion Squad NOS
Space Marine Terminator Squad NOS
Space Marine Stalker/Hunter NOS
Servitors with Plasma Cannon
Deathwing Command Squad new on sprue or new in box
Deathwing Knights new on sprue
Space Marine Veterans on sprue
Land Speeder Vengeance NOS
Landraiders NOS all variants
Predator Tanks NOS
Predator Turrets-new on sprue (lascannon or autocannon)
Space Marine Legion of the Damned Veteran Sergeant Centurius OOP
Black templars High Marshall Helbrecht
Black Templar Chaplin Grimaldus and Retinue

Imperial Knight nos/nib
Imperial Knight codex (most current edition)

Adeptus Mechanicus: Skitarii

Adeptus Mechanicus: Cult Mechanicus

Grey Knights
Inquisitors any
Inquisitor Henchman any
Servitors with Multi-melta
Servitors with heavy bolter
Servitors with Plasma Cannon
Grey Knight Terminators Plastic NOS
Grey Knight Power armor Plastic NOS
Grey Knight Power Armor weapon bits
Space Marine Stormraven Gunship NIB/NOS
Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight nos/nib
no metal Grey Knights except charaters

IMPERIAL GUARD/Astra Militarum
Militarum Tempestus Codex
Taurox NIB/NOS
Tempestus Scions Command Squad-Leg and Torso Bits
Tempestus Scions Leg and Torso Bits
Valkyrie NIB
Steel Legion Officers not Sergeants
Steel Legion snipers
Steel Legion Troops
Steel Legion Heavy weapons-lascannons prefered
Steel Legion Assault weapons
Regimental Advisors
Techpriest Enginseer
Hellhound or just the Hellhound parts to convert Chimera (current only)
Leman Russ on NIB or NOS (current version)
Leman Russ lower hull, and track sprues
Manticore / Deathstrike NOS
Imperial Guard Crew from website
metal AM/IG can be painted or primed as long as in good condition most likely going to be stripped anyway

Vostroyan Firstborn Officers (want powerfist)-not finger pointing Sgts
Vostroyan Lascannon teams
Vostroyan Mortar teams
Vostroyan Medic
Vostroyan Assault Weapons
Vostroyan Las rifles if part of a good deal
can be painted or primed as long as in good condition most likely going to be stripped anyway

Boyz Legs-as many as I can get
Boyz Torsos-as many as I can get
Loota Legs as many as I can get
Waaagh Ghazghkull Codex Supplement
Deff Dread NOS Plastic
Deff Dread legs, claws, or any bitz you might be interested in parting with.
Ork Vehicles NOS bikes included
Ork Kommandos
Big Mek in Mega Armour
Stompa NOS
Ammo Runts
Flash Gitz
Shokk Attack Gun
Mek Gunz NOS prefer Traktor Kannon
Morkanaut NOS
Gorkanaut NOS
Almost anything new on sprue (NOS)/New in boxes/blisters(NIB) or for the right deal assembled and/or primed/painted, some metal figures are ok (painted or not)

Dark Angels Company Veterans upgrade sprue
Deathwing-Terminator parts, Terminator Command. knights
Leman Russ Hull and sides for FW conversions
Space Marine Predator Turrets and or with turret ring
Predator autocannon
Space Marine Tank treads the really small pieces
Forgeworld bitz or books in new condition or excellent/barely used. Pictures a must.
Gav cannon bits
Terminator bits from Dark Angels Company Veterans Squad or upgrade sprue looking for Deathwing bits as well
Almost any Space Marines, IG or AM, or Ork, just ask.
White Dwarf Weekly Magazine
I need the following;
2,5,8,14,15,16,17,20,21,24,27,28,30,31,35,37,38,40,41.43,44,47,48.52,53,54,55,56,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,67,70,71,72,73,75, 85, 86,
Prefer new to barely read.


Ash Waste Nomads
Almost any book or figure. Trying to get in the game on low cost basis.

Dust Tactics
SSU Walkers -Any prefer NIB
Axis Walkers - Any prefer NIB

Model Kits
F-Toys 1/144 World Tank Museum kits
Hasegawa Egg Planes
Tiger Model Novelty Plane Kits
Meng Kids Novelty Plane Kits
AFV Club Novelty Tank Kits
Dragon Panzer Korps WW2 trains and super cannons preferred 1/144 kits
Star Wars Legos in boxes

Starbucks City Mug from wherever you are located. New in the box only.

FUNKO POPS - Star Wars, Power Rangers, Pets, Etc..
(Kids started to collect them)
New in Box (mint or near mint boxes) only
Exclusives, Rares, Limited Editions preferred. (email for current wants)
1. Low Feedback ships first, includes if I am just buying.
2. Retail for Retail unless its Out of Production, assembled/painted, damaged, etc..
3. No "How Much" emails. If you have an amount in mind, make an offer. I will respond.
4. I appreciate timely communication.
5. Like most people, I want to make good deals not pay retail or higher. Also I try to ship as cheaply as possible.
6. Do not call me "Sir", both of my parents were married.

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