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H: WM/H, Malifaux, Infinity Terrain W: Infinity, Malifaux, Guild Ball, $$$

If it's futuristic and it's not 40K, you've got the right place. Dystopian Wars, Infinity, Warpath, etc. goes here

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H: WM/H, Malifaux, Infinity Terrain W: Infinity, Malifaux, Guild Ball, $$$

Post by Ronin » Wed Jul 12, 2017 10:36 pm



Titan Gladiator
Cataphract Incindiarii (x6)
Aptimus Marketh
Cyclops Savages (x2)
All assmebled, bare plastic.
Asking $35 for the lot.

Token Set
Asking $5

Sword Knights + UA (partially painted)
Rangers (bare metal, assembled, two have broken rifles replaced with brass rod, heavily discounted)
Gun Mages + UA (bare metal)
Avenger (partially painted)
Trencher Master Gunner (bare metal)
Journeyman Warcaster (primed)
Squire (primed)
Black 13th (older sculpt, bare metal)
Token Set
Asking $150 for the lot.

Man-o-War Shocktroopers (mostly painted)
Vlad2 (primed)
Butcher1 (primed)
Widowmakers (bare metal)
2x Wreck makers (fully painted)
Token Set
Asking $100 for the lot.

Mercenaries and Misc WM/H:
3 objective markers (partially painted, Privateer Press ones)
Reinholdt (bare)
Lanyssa Ryssyl (fully painted)
Aiyana & Holt (bare)
Asking $25 for the lot.

Ortegas (1st Ed metals, Perdita, Santiago, Francisco, Nino, Papa - all primed)
Guild Arsenal Deck (2nd ed cards for the above, plus the rest of the Guild wave 1, also have 1e cards for the crew, laminated)
Malifaux Rules Manual 1e (digest sized book)
Fate Deck
Asking $30 for the lot.

Hexagon Mill Full Table & Substrata Mat (Overgrown style)
Asking $350. (Retail is $460).


PanOceania: Fusillers Box, Jotum, HVT, SpecOps, IceStorm CSU
Yu Jing: Remotes, JSA (Any), Celestial Guard, Bao Troops, Yan Huo, Zhanshi
Nomads: Remotes, Alguaciles, Mobile Brigada, Moderators, Riot Girls, Spec Ops
Combine Army: Rodoks, Suryats, Remotes, Sphinx, Noctifer ML, Ikadron/Imetron
Haqq: Any
Ariadna: Caledonia Highlander Sectorial (Any)
Mercs: Anaconda, Scarface, Major Lunah, Avicenna, Valerya Gromoz, Miyamoto Musashi, Saito Togan, Red Veil Yuan Yuan
Dire Foes: #1, 3 and 5

Any 2e crews (unpainted) - except Rasputina & Marcus crews
Any 2e books

Guild Ball:

Trades at retail vs retail.
Will split lots for trades only.
Buying? PayPal (buyer pays shipping, sold as is).
Pictures of items are available upon request.

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