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[H] WFB/AoS, BFG, SST, Infinity, Aeronautica Imperialis [W] $ Wmstr, Inf, AI, WHFB/AOS, SST [USA]

If it's futuristic and it's not 40K, you've got the right place. Dystopian Wars, Infinity, Warpath, etc. goes here

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[H] WFB/AoS, BFG, SST, Infinity, Aeronautica Imperialis [W] $ Wmstr, Inf, AI, WHFB/AOS, SST [USA]

Post by Gav99 » Tue Jul 11, 2017 12:11 am

Prices do not include shipping - shipping changes per item, per location, per amount of things you buy, so it's just easier to calculate it afterwards.


__________________________________Firestorm Planetfall___________________________________________

Battle for Proteous Prime Box Set BNIB $65

__________________________________Non-GW Fantasy Minis___________________________________________

Dwarf Wars:
(can work nicely as alternative minis to GW/KoW) Sell the lot (orcs and elves) for $85

Good Elf: (each pack contains male and female varients)

2x Bowmen Regiment (metal, 10 minis per pack) NIB $15 each
1x Bowmen Command (metal, 4 minis) NIB $8
1x Great Sword Regiment (metal, 10 minis) NIB $15
1x Great Weapons Command (metal, 4 minis) NIB $8
1x Heroes (metal, 5 minis) $8
1x King and Retinue (metal, 5 minis, includes king, 2 guards, hornblower, and king's banner bearer) $9


1x Sword Regiment (metal, 10 minis, would work nicely as black orcs or basic troops for GW) $15

Valiant Miniatures:

Razorwing (32mm Resin Dragon and scenic base) NIB (Perfect size for Warhammer/AoS) $30 Online Picture of Mini

Avatars of War:

2x Lord of Pestilence NIB (metal, Online Picture of Mini) $10 each

__________________________________Raging Heroes___________________________________________

These are awesome female alternative figures designed for Warhammer, 40K, and other fantasy and sci-fi games

Asharah Legendary LE (of 500) - (this is a 54mm mini, comes with a certificate of authenticity, scenic round base, 3 heads [Vampire, Chaos, and Dark Elf], and 6 weapon/item options) Would look awesome as a Chaos Demon Princess of Khorne or Tzeentch NIB $22Retail pic of mini

__________________________________Misc Sci-Fi___________________________________________

28mm SHILKA 4 cannon turret (like a AM/IG hydra turret) $10
2x 28mm Bulletstorm Turret (minigun turret with armor-plated turret mount cover) $10 each
2x 120mm elipse Wraithstone resin base (Eldar-esq) $10 each

__________________________________WWII / Historicals___________________________________________

1/35 Tamiya - These are very highly detailed minis with cool rubber tracks. - sell lot for $45

5x German Hanomag sdk fz251/1 halftracks (plastic, chassis nicely assembled, remaining pieces on sprue, rubber tracks, 1/35 scale) Very nice kits $10 each

_________________________________Games Workshop - OOP Specialist Games____________________________


Dwarf Gyrocopters (loose, unpainted, 3 minis, no bases) $10

Warmaster Sell lot for $310 (includes magazine and ACW carts)

Dwarves: sell for $30

1x Warriors NIB $12
1x Cannons NIB $10
1x Thunderers - loose $12

Empire: sell for $80

4x Empire Crossbows NIB $8 each
3x Empire cannons NIB $8 each
2x Helblasters NIB $8 each
1x Halberdiers (loose, primed black) $8
1x Knights (loose, primed black) $8

Undead: sell for $115

2x Skull Chukka (loose, 1 primed black) $12 each
2x Bone Thrower (loose, 2 minis per set) $5 each
1x Bone Thrower (loose, 2 minis, missing crew sprues - though if bought with the above bone throwers you'll have extra crew) $3
1x Skeleton Warriors NIB $8
1x Skeleton Bowmen NIB $8
1x Bone Giant NIB $6
1x Skeleton Warriors (loose) $7
5x Skeleton Bowmen (loose) $7 each
3x Cavalry (loose) $8 each
1x Characters NIB $15

O&G: sell for $75
3x Black Orcs (1 NIB, 2 loose) $12 each
1x Giant (loose, missing metal base) $8
2x Giant (loose) $12 each
5x Boar Boyz (loose, 1 part painted) $14 each
1x Orc Warlord (bare metal, glued to base and based with medium) $2

Ogres (loose, no bases) $20


Warmaster Magazine issue 3 in great condition $8

10mm "Warmaster" Proxies Personally chose these minis as they are very good representations of the units

Dogs Of War (Old Glory 10mm):

2x Paymaster Carts (ACW supply carts with crew) loose $3 each

Battlefleet Gothic Sell lot for $250

Tau Custodian Battleship (OOP Forgeworld, part assembled and primed black) $80
Tau Custodian Battleship (OOP Forgeworld, assembled and primed black) $80
Tau Protector Cruisers NIB (OOP Forgeworld, 2 minis) $40
Tau Emissary Light Cruisers (OOP Forgeworld, assembled but bare, 2 minis) $30
Chaos Repulsive Grand Cruiser (loose, no base) $25
Chaos Iconoclast Destroyers x3 (2 bare metal, one painted red, no flight bases) $10

Aeronautica Imperialis / Forgeworld Epic 40K: - Not 40K sized! - These are ALL Forgeworld resin, not GW metals.

Imperials - in Epic 40K FW labeled bags - Sell lot for $130 (includes leman russes)

Thunderbolts (NIB, 2 minis, clear flight stands only) $25
Valkyrie (NIB, 2 minis, clear flight stands only) $30
Vulture Gunships (nicely assembled and TT painted, come with AI bases) $35

Leman Russes Vanquishers (NIB, 3 minis) $25
Leman Russ Executioners (assembled, primed black, 4 minis) $30

Tau: Sell for $190

Manta (Authentic Forgeworld AI rare ship, comes with AI base, decently assembled and primed black, back door opens, front 4 burst cannons missing barrels but repairable with a little skill) $80
Tigersharks (NIB, 2 minis, clear flight stands only) $35
3x Tigersharks (assembled, primed black, come with AI bases, 2 minis per set) $25 each set
Barracudas (each painted a different color in low quality TT style, come with AI bases, 2 minis per set) $15

Eldar: Add to any above AI/Epic lot for $30

Phoenix Bombers (nicely assembled, primed black, come with AI bases, 2 minis) $35

Books: Free with all the AI/Epic

AI Tactica book (took a small dent on the very bottom, caused the cover to rip a tiny bit at the edges of the dent, great condition otherwise) $20

__________________________________Warhammer 40K___________________________________________

OOP 40K:

Metal Marines (coming soon)

Eldar guardian (coming soon)

Plastic Crater set (open to offers)

Battle for Macragge scenery (open to offers)

__________________________________Warhammer Fantasy / AOS___________________________________________

Assume non-AoS (square bases) unless otherwise noted.

OOP Skaven:

Marauder Jezzail team (metal, loose and unpainted, bases marked 1994) $5

Dark Elves: sell lot for $110

2x Kharibdyss / War Hydra NIB (newest plastic) $46 each
Doomfire Warlocks / Dark Riders NIB (newest plastics) $25

OOP Dark Elves: sell lot for $45

20x Darkshards (OOP plastic last edition, torsos and legs glued together and onto a base, heads and crossbows on sprues still, comes with a full command) $25
22x Dreadspears (OOP plastic last edition, torsos and legs glued and attached to bases with heads, spears, and shields loose or on sprue, comes with Loads of extra pieces and command bits) $25

Death - Undead / Vampire Counts / Tomb Kings: Sell VC for $55, Sell TK for $520, or Sell lot for $550

Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon NOS (AoS base) $30
Grave Guard (metal OOP ones, loose and unpainted, 10 minis with NO command, no bases) $20

Tomb King (sword and shield, bare metal) $15
TK Necrosphinx / Warsphinx NIB OOP $100
Sepulchural Stalkers / Necropolis Knights NOS $70
Ushtabi with bows NIB (finecast) $60
TK Skeleton Warriors NOS (24 minis) $45
TK Skeleton Archers NOS (16 minis) $30
TK Skeleton Horsemen (8 minis) $30
TK Chariots NOS (3 minis) $45
Tomb Guard (bare metal, no bases, 10 minis inc. champion and drummer) $35
Tomb Guard (primed Black, metal, NO SHIELDS, 8 minis inc full command) $25
Tomb Guard x 15 minis (plastics, assembled and various states of primer/paint, some need a little TLC - heads and arms re-attached, couple with broken weapons) $45
2x Tomb Kings Carrion (metal, OOP, loose and unpainted, no bases) $8 each
2x Bone Giant (most current) well built, bare metal $20 each
Tomb Scorpion - built, bare metal, some legs missing/broken $15

Oldhammer Undead:

2x Screaming Skull Catapults (OOP old old metal 1980's minis, missing crew) $8 each (This One)
1x Screaming Skull Catapult (OOP old old metal 1980's minis, missing crew, launching arm, skull ammo, and has a wheel broken off but included) $4

OOP Bretonnians: Sell lot for $250

10x Mounted Squire Champion (metal, guy with sword, no horses) $3.50 each
10x Mounted Squire (metal, loose, no horse) $3.50 each
Mounted BSB (metal, loose, part painted) $20
Green Knight (flawless finecast, decently assembled, cleanly TT painted, no adhesive banners) $40
Questing Knights box set (metal, loose, part assembled and part painted, 5 minis including command) $75
Grail Knight Lord with Dragon Lance (metal, part assembled and part painted) $20
Questing Knight Banner Bearer (loose, bare metal, no horse, missing shield and kid with spyglass) $8
3x Questing Knight commander (loose, bare metal, no horse, missing shield backpack) $8 each
Questing Knight musician (loose, bare metal, no horse, missing shield backpack) $8
3x Questing Knights (loose, bare metal, no horse, missing backpacks/drawers) $8 each

OOP Dwarfs: sell for $75

2x OOP metal Longbeards sets (10 minis, loose, bare metal, no bases) $30 each
OOP metal Bugman's Rangers (11 minis including a champion, loose, bare metal, no bases) $25

OOP Orcs and Goblins: sell lot for $8

Savage Orc Boyz (metal, 2 minis) NIB $4
Savage Orc Command (metal, 3 minis) NIB $5

High Elves:

Hardback 8th ed Army Book - Great Condition $20

OOP High Elves: Sell lot for $6

Phoenix Guard blister (2 minis, metal, 1 piece versions, pre-6th ed ones) NIB $4
Shadow Warriors (2 minis, metal, pre-6th ed ones) NIB $4

Lizardmen / Seraphon: Sell for $10

Magic cards 8th ed - Good condition $6
Magic cards 8th ed - As new out of wrap $7.50

Warriors of Chaos (OOP and current): take the lot for $46

Converted Chaos Lord (half snake, space marine torso, metal wings, on a 40mm round skull-covered base, unpainted) $5 Photo
Old OOP Warrior Halberds (metal, loose, 17 halberds and full command options) $10
Chaos Warriors (current plastics, 12 minis, decently assembled and primed white, a few have a bit of basecoating) $15
Chaos Knights (current plastics, 5 minis, decently assembled with riders separate from mounts, bare plastic) $20
10x OOP Chaos Marauder Horsemen Riders (loose, bare metal, NO HORSES, missing right arms) $1 each

Storm of Magic / Misc:

Albion Truthsayer (OOP metal) NIB $10

OOP Dogs of War: Sell for $80

2x Leopold's Leopard Company (2 minis per blister) NIB $12 each
Leopold's Leopard Company Command (3 minis, loose, unpainted, no adhesive banner) $20
Marksmen of Miragilano (6 minis, full command + 3 troopers, painted TT, banner bearer has original adhesive banner) $40

OOP GW Scenery:

Chapel (reasonably built and painted neatly a good TT quality, does not have the statues) $40

---------------------------------------------- Collectible Card Games / Misc---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me: Fun nostalgic card game based on the movie

6x Starter Deck (60 cards - 2 pre-constructed decks of 30 cards) $2.50 each



---------------------------------------------- Starship Troopers---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Starship Troopers - by Mongoose Publishing - Trading for pretty much anything metal

King tanker
Thorny Tanker
Burrower Bugs
Mantis Bugs
Overseer Bug

---------------------------------------------- Games Workshop---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Sisters of Sigmar
-Matriarch with whip
-Sister Superior 2
-Multi-part Sisters

Expansion sets
Mercenaries (Empire guys)
I can be tempted with most Mordheim minis for the right trade

Warhammer Quest / Silver Tower

Barbarian - WHQ box plastic mini
Chaos Warrior - WHQ metal mini (just the mini)
Troll Slayer - WHQ metal mini (just the mini)
Witch Hunter - WHQ metal mini (just the mini)

Silver Tower
Expansion heroes (not in main box)
Shadows over Hammerhal

Epic 40K

Tau - Anything (FW and non-GW)
Eldar - Newest sculpts and FW - No starter set plastic minis please unless part and parcel of a larger lot

Battlefleet Gothic

Tyranids - Anything (no scratch-built please)
Eldar - FW ships
Dark Eldar - Anything
Necrons - Anything


Dwarf Deathroller - Newest sculpt one only
Lizardmen - 2 saurus
Undead - 4 Skeletons (will accept Willy miniatures ones)
Beast of Nurgle - West Coast Quake one

Warmasterl: - I will take entire armies if it has to all go together, just needs to be a reasonable value to account for getting re-trades on items I don't need.

Numbers denote blister packs of.

HE - Swordmasters, Phoenix Guard, 7x reavers, 7x chariots, 3x dragon riders, 1x hero on eagle.
Undead - 1x Chariots,1x sphinx, 3x liche priest
Empire - 6x Handgunners, 6x Pistoliers, 1x mortar, elite units, carts, Panther / blazing sun / white wolf Knights,
O&G - 2x Night Goblins, 2x Orc Warriors, 7x trolls, 1x Wolf Riders, 3x wolf chariots, 1x Orc Hero/Lord on Wyvern, 2x goblin hero, 1x Orc hero
Chaos - Ogres & Trolls as above on O&G, 7x marauder horsemen, 7x chaos knight, 7x chaos chariots, 3x spawn, 1x Dragon
Demons - all
Bretonnians - Anything
Dwarves - 1x Flame cannon, hammerers, ironbreakers.
Lizardmen - All
Dark Elves - All
Skaven - All
Vampire Counts - Anything
Kislev - All
Siege - Anything
Forgeworld - anything


10x Terminator shoulderpads (pairs of)
3x Terminator heavy flamers
3x Terminator assault cannons
8x Terminator Chainfist

---------------------------------------------Warhammer Fantasy Battle / AoS-----------------------------------


Skirmish book

Dark Elves:

20x Black Guard Halberds and offhands (Newest plastics - just the bits, not the full mini)
20x Black Guard heads

Tomb Kings: - NIB/NOS

Pretty much anything for the right trade


Grail Knights
Battle Pilgrims
I will take anything else Bretonnian (other than archers) for the right trade


Stormfiends NOS/NIB/Nicely built/painted only


3x Razordon teams

Undead: - NO badly built (uncleaned, too much glue, etc) and/or badly painted (below decent tabletop standard - clean base coated or primed is fine) minis

100 Zombies (prefer nicely built and painted)

Wood Elves:

Arielle the Everqueen (newest plastic)
Drycha Hamadreth
2x Kurnoth Hunters sets
2x Spite/Tree-Revenants sets
2x Treelord kit (current plastic one)
Mounted Glade Lord / Captain
5x Sisters of the thorn
Ultraforge Treewoman

Orcs & Goblins:

Megaboss on Maw-Krusha
6x Gore-Gruntas
10x Brutes
Gromm the paunch on chariot

Warriors of Chaos / Demons:

Khorne Wrathmongers/Skullreapers - Prefer NIB/NOS
Kolek Suneater (Miss painting group DragonOgre Lord) This One
1x Slaughterbrute / Vortex beast (either NIB or well built as a vortex beast)
10x Bloodletters
20x Daemonettes
Herald of Tzeentch on disc
The Blue Scribes
Burning Chariot of Tzeentch
Skullmaster, herald of Khorne
Seeker chariot of slaanesh
3x nurglings
3x fiend of slaanesh
The changling
The masque

Kharadron Overlords:


---------------------------------------------- Infinity---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I will trade for entire lots if needed, as long as they have some of the following minis, though the value of anything not on my listneeds to represent that I am re-trading anything not on this list and for any old sculpts.


Armbots: Peacemaker
Kirpal Singh
Aconticimento regulars (newest sculpt) any weapons

Yu Jing

Su Jian immediate action unit (newest one)
Guijia Squarons
Invincibles Yan Huo (HMC)
Kuang Shi
Yaopu Pangguling
Yaoxie Remotes
Gui Feng Spec-Ops (NIB or must come with all options)
Bao Troops: Judicional Watch
Asuka Kisaragi, Aragoto Senkenbutai Jun-I


USAriadna Ranger Force sectorial starter
45th Highlander Rifles box set (new one)
Traktor Muls


Corregidor Jaguars
Aguaciles (pack of 4 - newest)
Tomcats, special rescue team *4 pack - newest)
Gecko squadron (newest)
Reverend Moiras (box of 4 - newest)
Wildcats (rocket launcher)
Riot Grrls (4 pack - newest)
Riot Grrls (spitfire)
Trading on Dakkadakka under the same name.

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