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WTS: DZC; UCM and Scourge. Want: PayPal$

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WTS: DZC; UCM and Scourge. Want: PayPal$

Post by Armond » Sun Jul 09, 2017 5:18 am

Anybody interested in Dropzone Commander? Looking to offload a bit of stuff, just have too much on my plate and not enough time!

List of what I have in the pics:
2x Condor
Condor Gunship
4x Raven-B
4x Raven-A (2 are NIB)
2x Falcon Gunship
2x Archangel Interceptors
2x Bear APC
3x Fireblade
2x Longbow Howitzer
6x Katana
4x Gladius
2x Scimitar
Gen Wade (partially painted)
4x Hazard Suit
4x Infantry
6x Rapiers
6x Sabres
8x Wolverine (4 of each)

DZC 2 Player Set (UCM, mostly all in Sprue)

I am looking to sell the UCM lot for $350. That is a pretty good discount already.

*The UCM is painted in a OD Green and subtle black striped pattern.

All Scourge is NIB or NOS:
Intruder-A blister
2x Intruder-B blisters
DZC 2-Player Set (NOS)

*Scourge in the pics as seen. Nothing for Scourge is painted or assembled, should all be NOS and/or NIB.

Looking for $130.00

Three books in the photo: $40 total

Note, I ship from a US address, but am stationed overseas. The cost is the same as though shipping from Illinois, it just may take longer to get to you. Buyer pays shipping, and I will find the cheapest means necessary unless the buyer wants it to get there faster.

PM with offers and if you have questions.
I live in Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan. Zipcode is 96367.

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