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H: Circle & 40k W: $, SW Armada & COC

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H: Circle & 40k W: $, SW Armada & COC

Post by carldooley » Sat Jul 08, 2017 2:44 pm

Time to clean up some of my hobby space. In addition to what I have listed below, I may have some Cygnar, Legion, and COC available as trade fodder.

SW Armada stuff. I'm starting out, I'm interested in large based ships but I am generally happy to trade for anything.

COC Reflex Servitors

Circle (No Cards)
pics: ... t=6&page=1
1 Baldur1 painted, sword needs reattached
1 Thorle1 primed
1 Kromac1 painted, needs bases
1 Morvanha2 some paint
1 Kaya1 assembled, needs base
1 Druid Wilder Painted & Based

1 Feral Warpwolf painted, needs base
2 Woldwatcher Painted
1 Woldwyrd bare
1 Winter Argus painted, needs base
1 Argus needs base
1 Argus Moonhound painted
1 Gnarlhorn Satyr metal, painted poorly.
1 Gorax metal, needs reassembly, poorly painted

2 Warpborn Skinwalkers x2 1 unit painted, 1 unit NIB
1 Warpborn Alpha Painted
MSRP is $426.81I want it gone. Is anyone interested in the lot for $170 shipped in the US? (~40%)
metal Inquisitor Coteaz
metal Culexus assassin

Codex Space Marines (pub 1998)
Codex Imperial Guard (pub 1999)
Codex Battlezone Cityfight (pub 2001)
Codex Chaos Space Marines (pub 2002)
Codex Daemonhunters (pub 2002)
Codex Eye of Terror (pub 2003)
Codex Imperial Guard (pub 2003)
Codex Witchhunters (pub 2003)
Chapter Approved 2004 (pub 2003)
Codex Space Marines (pub 2004)
Wargear (pub 2005)
Apocalypse (pub 2007) isbn 1-84154-838-3
IA Apocalypse (pub 2007)
Apocalypse Reload (pub 2008)
Codex Imperial Guard (pub 2008)
Codex Space Marines (pub 2008)
Codex Grey Knights (pub 2010)
Codex Space Marines (pub 2012)
Stronghold Assault (pub 2013)

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