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H: Xwing, Infinity, Malifaux, BFG W: $$$, 40k, WM/H

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H: Xwing, Infinity, Malifaux, BFG W: $$$, 40k, WM/H

Post by stokerd » Fri Jul 07, 2017 10:26 pm

After holding on to these for a long time, it's time to let them go. My gaming group dabbled for a bit, but have moved on and it's time to trade these games for something I can use.

Ideally, I'd like to keep this collection together - the pricing asked reflects this
2x X-wing core set
1x X-wing Force Awakens core set
1x Millennium Falcon
1x Slave I
2x StarViper
1x Mist Hunter
2x TIE Fighter
2x TIE Advanced
2x TIE Interceptor
1x TIE Defender
1x TIE Phantom
1x T-70 X-wing
1x A-Wing
2x B-Wing
3x Z-95 Headhunter
1x HWK-290

All are opened, except 1x TIE Interceptor. Cards, turn markers, and other gaming aids are all included. I believe all cards are present, but one or two may be missing.

Purchase price: $250
Trade value: $375

Ideally, I'd like to keep this collection together - the pricing asked reflects this
3x Ice Storm sets w/ two Father-Knight figures (one set assembled, one set NIB, one set has the Sikh Commando assembled)
Set Contents:
- 3 Fusiliers
- 1 ORC Troop
- 1 Nisses from Svalarheima
- 1 Akalis Sikh Commandos
- 1 Father-Knight (only two sets have this)
1x Auxilia set, containing 2x Auxilia and 2x Auxbot w/ Heavy Flamethrower

Purchase price: $90 - I will sell the individual sets, minus the Father-Knight figures, for $30 ea.
Trade value: $130

All models are M1E metal, and I do not believe I have the M2E cards, but will include if I have them. Groups are sold together, I will not break them apart
Salvage and Logistics Crew (painted very well) - $40 (Trade value: $60)
Rusty Alice
2x Hollow Waif
4x Steampunk Abominations
Bette Noir

Hired Swords Crew (some painted very well) - $25 (Trade value: $40)
Viktoria of Ashes
Viktoria of Blood
Student of Conflict (totem)
3x Ronin (painted)
Desperate Mercenary (painted) - female

The Latigo Posse Crew - $20 (Trade value: $35)
Perdita Ortega
Santiago (missing an arm)
Papa Loco (needs stripped)
Nino (needs stripped)
Abuela (needs stripped)
Enslaved Nephilim (totem - needs stripped)

Mother of Monsters Crew - $50 (Trade value: $75)
Mature Nephilim
2x Young Nephilim
3x Terror Tots

Battlefleet Gothic
I will not break up the fleets
Imperial Fleet - the paint on this fleet does not match, so most should be stripped - $125 (Trade value: $200)
Emperor Class battleship (painted green)
Retribution Class battleship (painted dark grey)
2x Overlord Class battlecruiser (painted light grey - very well)
Mars Class battlecruiser (bare plastic)
Lunar Class cruiser (primed black)
Dauntless Class light cruiser (painted light grey - very well) - torpedo
3x Sword Class frigates (painted green)

Space Marine Fleet - $150 (Trade value: $250)
2x Battle Barge - one painted (needs stripped), one bare metal (missing a couple small bits - all major stuff is there)
6x Strike Cruiser - three painted (need stripped), three bare metal
4x Gladius Class frigates - bare metal
8x Hunter Class destroyers - bare metal

For trades, I am looking for the following:
Games Workshop
Space Marines - must be NIB/NOS
6x Tactical Marine squads (can be well assembled and bare plastic - pics will be required)
4x Razorbacks
3x Predators
1x Land Raider Redeemer

Dark Angels- prefer NIB/NOS, can be well assembled and bare plastic - pics will be required
3x Dark Vengeance Tactical squads

Privateer Press - prefer NIB, but will take assembled if bare (will take painted metal at a discount, as I will be stripping it)
1x Blackbane's Ghost Raiders (full unit)
2x Revenant Crew of the Atramentous w/ riflemen (full unit)
1x Satyxis Raiders w/ UA
2x Satyxis Gunslingers
2x Satyxis Raider Captains

Minions - Gators
1x Croak Hunter
1x Thrullg
1x Mist Speaker
1x Brun & Lug
1x Dahlia & Skarath

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