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*Updated 7/6- new armies listed!* H: Warmachine, Hordes W: $$$, Warmachine, Games Workshop, X-wing

If it's futuristic and it's not 40K, you've got the right place. Dystopian Wars, Infinity, Warpath, etc. goes here

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*Updated 7/6- new armies listed!* H: Warmachine, Hordes W: $$$, Warmachine, Games Workshop, X-wing

Post by Forsaken Poptart » Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:50 pm

1) If it's not listed in my Wants list, I almost certainly don't want it.
2) I am not interested in buying at this time. I might be able to shore up a trade with some paypal, but my primary interest is getting models and items I'm not using off my shelves.
3) Make me offers, please- I will no longer respond to "how much for?" messages.
4) I give preference to someone taking a full lot or a significant chunk of models, and will be inclined to give you a better deal if you take a big lot of stuff.
5) Don't bother trying a lowball offer on one model or unit, it's wasting your time and mine.



The Force Awakens Core Set- NIB
T-65 X-Wing- opened, but complete. Also comes with Biggs Darklighter alt. art card and Biggs Darklighter tile (valuing at $30 for trades)
X-Wing dice bag
10 Acrylic Stress Tokens from FFG
alt. art Recon Specialist card- I have a few, ask for multiples if you want them
2 Corran Horn alt. art cards
1 Biggs Darklighter alt. art card

X-wing Winter 2015
X-wing Summer 2015 x2
X-wing Spring 2015 x2
Armada Summer 2015

Nebulon-B frigate alternate art card- I have a couple of these, don't hesitate to ask for multiples
10 Acrylic Navigation Command tokens from FFG


Gale Force Nine Terrain Sets:
Cygnar Storm Research Station-Opened, no box included: $100 + shipping

Khador Avalanche Cannon:
minor damage to the shell loading piece. Can provide pictures as needed. No box included: $90 + shipping.

Circle: Only want to trade as a lot, or buy for $50 and shipping.
Baldur2- stripped, unassembled
Brennos- stripped, unassembled

Skorne- willing to split for retail-to-retail trades.


Chiron- assembled
Molik Karn- primed
Bronzeback- primed
Titan Gladiator x2- one painted, needs stripping, one primed
Archidon- primed

Cyclops Savage (metal)- primed
Cyclops Savage x2 (plastic)- painted, need stripping
Cyclops Brute (metal)- primed
Basilisk Krea- painted

Nihilators- assembled, primed
full Cetratii (plastic)- partially painted
-Tyrant Vorkesh- partially painted
Tyrant Commander and Standard- primed
Full Ferox- partially painted
Paingivers (max)- partially painted
Paingivers (min)- well painted

Venator Dakar x2- assembled
Tyrant Rhadeim + Dismount- assembled, primed
Void Spirit x2- assembled, primed
Aptimus Marketh - assembled, primed
Tyrant Zaadesh- assembled, primed
Willbreaker- assembled, primed

Steelhead army- $350 shipped in the U.S.- WILL NOT SPLIT
Damiano- stripped, assembled

Rocinante- painted, assembled
Mercenary Warjack kit- fully magnetized, well painted
Talon- painted, assembled
Vanguard- NIB
Buccaneer Light Warjack- partially painted

Stannis Brocker- painted, assembled
Sgt. Verendrye- primed, assembled

Cygnar Town Guard x20- stand-ins for 2 full units of Steelhead Halberdiers- various stages of painted
Steelhead Cavalry x5- painted, assembled
Steelhead Riflemen x10- painted, assembled

Convergence- Will split for retail to retail trades, or buy the lot for $425 shipped in the U.S.

Prime Axiom- partially assembled, painted
Cypher- painted
Monitor- assembled
Conservator- primed
Corollary- partially painted (Pending)
2 Galvanizers- 1 painted, 1 assembled
2 Mitigators- assembled
Diffuser- NIB

5 Reciprocators- assembled, unpainted
3 Clockwork Angels- NIB
10 Reductors- 9 assembled, 1 painted
3 Optifex Directive- primed

9 Reflex Servitors- assembled, unpainted
9 Accretion Servitors- 3 painted, 6 assembled
6 Elimination Servitors- assembled
9 Attunement Servitors- assembled

I have a blister of extra servitors, not sure where they came from- 1 Reflex, 1 Accretion, and 1 Attunement (I think)
A light jack with broken legs- I think it's a Diffuser.
Mk2 token set

Gobber Bellows Crew- needs stripping, partially assembled- $8
Thrullg- assembled, unpainted- $10

Khador:- buy the lot and I'll ship in the US for free
Decimator- assembled, primed black- $15
Field Gun- NIB- $15
10 Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen- metal. Brass rodded. Mostly assembled, primed- $60
-Black Dragon UA- primed (included with unit)

Retribution of Scyrah:
Some of these guys need stripping, or are partially painted. Would like $600 shipped for the lot. Will split for retail-to-retail trades.

Adeptis Rahn
Magister Helynna

Chimera (x2)

Battle Engines:
Arcantrik Force Generator

Elara - kickstarter version- missing a left hand bit.
Fane Knight Issyen
House Shyeel Artificer x2
House Shyeel Magister
Houseguard Thane
Mage Hunter Assasin
Soulless Voidtracer

Dawnguard Invictors +UA
Dawnguard Sentinels +UA
House Shyeel Battle Mages
Stormfall Archers (x2)
Houseguard Halberdiers + UA- one halberd is broken at the hand
Soulless Escort

Menoth- No longer pending, back on the menu! Would prefer to sell as a lot, but will consider offers to break it up.

Gale Force 9 Dice set- missing plastic insert
Mk2 Token Set x2
Broken Egg Measuring Widget Set in orange to match

plastic Kreoss1- assembled, stripped well

Judicator, basecoated, partially assembled, also comes with Battlefoam
Fire of Salvation- stripped, assembled
Blood of Martyrs- partially painted, assembled, on scenic base
Reckoner- well painted

Revenger (new)- well painted, assembled
Revenger (classic)- well painted, assembled
Repenter (new)- well painted, assembled

Vessel of Judgement- assembled, primed

1 Exemplar Bastion Seneschal- assembled, unpainted
1 High Exemplar Gravus- partially painted, comes with metal PP base
1 The Covenant of Menoth- partially painted, assembled
1 Wracks- painted
1 Exemplar Errant Seneschal - unassembled

10 Idrians- NIB
Idrian UA- assembled
10 Exemplar Errants, plastic- partially assembled
Exemplar Errant UA- partially assembled
1 full Choir of Menoth- partially painted (will include some extra grunts with broken staves, too)
5 Exemplar Bastions- partially painted, easily painted over or stripped
5 Exemplar Bastions- partially assembled, unpainted
5 Exemplar Vengers- 3 are stripped, 2 NIB
10 Zealots- stripped
Zealot UA- stripped
Knights Exemplar, plastic- assembled
Knights Exemplar, plastic- assembled
10 Temple Flameguard (classic)- well painted
Flameguard UA- partially painted (included)
6 Temple Flameguard (classic)- stripped, unassembled
Visgoth Rhoven and Bodyguards- partially painted

A bag of bits that includes almost enough for a min unit of Exemplar Errants, probably a couple full solos, and a whole bunch of other good stuff!

Nemo1- new sculpt- primed
Siege1- classic sculpt- NIB

classic Thunderhead- painted- $35
classic Centurion- well painted- $20
plastic Ironclad- primed, assembled- $15
classic Stormclad- painted, assembled- $20 (Pending)
plastic Avenger- painted, assembled- $25
classic Defender, partially assembled- $20 (Pending)
1 Ironclad/Defender/Cyclone kits- magnetized, assembled, painted- $35
NIB plastic Ironclad/Defender/Cyclone kit- $30
NIB plastic Centurion/Hammersmith/Avenger kit- $35

plastic Lancer- unassembled- $10
plastic Lancer- assembled, painted- $10
classic Lancer- painted, assembled- $10
classic Sentinel- stripped, unassembled- $10
classic Sentinel- painted, assembled- $10

Storm Strider- painted, assembled- $75
Squire- assembled, painted- $8
Squire- NIB- $8
3 Stormsmith Storm Callers- missing one watch arm. Unpainted, partially assembled.

Storm Tower- NIB- $10
6 Gun Mages- new sculpt, NIB- $35
-Gun Mage UA, NIB (included)
6 Gun Mages- new sculpt, primed, partially painted- $35 (Pending)
-Gun Mage UA, partially painted (included) (Pending)
6 plastic Stormblades- primed black- $60
-Stormblade UA- primed black
-3 plastic Storm Gunners-primed black
10 plastic Stormguard- NIB
10 metal Stormguard- well painted, assembled- $50
Full unit of Mechanics- some partially painted- $20

Other mercenaries
Magnus box set - $50
Magnus1- unpainted, assembled
Mangler- weapon pinned, unpainted
Renegade- assembled
Renegade- assembled

Boomhowlers- primed, assembled, one weapon head replaced with a quake hammer head- $50
Rhupert Carvolo- assembled, unpainted- $10

I am willing to trade in your favor for items higher up on my priority lists. Please don't hesitate to ask!

Misc wants:

Cash is always best
Amazon gift cards are almost as good
Xbox One controller with cord and battery pack
Xbox One games- I would be happy to look at any offers
Nintendo Switch
Kingdom Death miniatures- what have you got?
Tanks Sherman v. Panther Starter Set
Mysterium and expansions

GW wants in order of priority:
2 boxes of Space Marine Scouts- NIB only, please!
2 10-man squads of Custodes- NIB preferred, please!
1 5-man squad of Custodes- NIB preferred, please!
1 Land Raider- NIB preferred, please!

X-wing in order of preference:
Quadjumper x1
Mist Hunter x1
Special Forces TIE x1
Protectorate Fighter x3
Autothruster upgrade cards- I'll take as many as I can get!

Warmachine in order of preference:
4 Uhlan troopers- prefer NIB (will trade in your favor for this!)
Forge Seer- NIB only (will trade in your favor for this!)
Hammerfall Siege Crawler- NIB or assembled well (will require pictures) (will trade in your favor for this!)
Viktor/Conquest kit- must be NIB
Khador Mk3 Command Book
Plastic Winterguard Rifle Corps- MUST be NIB
Man O' War Shocktrooper Officer- MUST be NIB
Man O' War Demo Corps- MUST be NIB
MoW Battle Mechanik UA
1 Battle Mechanik Grunt
Major Harrison Gibbs
Berserker/Mad Dog/Rager kit- NIB or Magnetized only, please!
Tanith the Feralsong
Do I owe you a trade ref? Remind me- sometimes I forget!
Awaiting trade refs from: tristym, bennythejew, yazaran

If you don't have your Location listed, take a second and update it!

-I respond within 48 hours unless utterly incapable. Please do the same. Any offer I make stands for that long as well.
-Lower rating? You ship/pay first. Same goes for me.

'How Much for...?' messages will no longer be replied to at all. I've been nice about it, now I'm done.

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