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Wild West Exodus Kickstarter Bundle

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Wild West Exodus Kickstarter Bundle

Post by Warhammer sales » Thu Jul 06, 2017 11:48 am

Henchmen sprue x 2
Heavy weapon outlaw sprue x 1
2xoutlaw resin characters billy?


Icarus Sierra
Hicks kincade
Sun totem
2 x resin characters


1 Tank ( I cannot find and exact match)

Henchmen x2 sprue
3 x bikes
1 big bike thing
7 resin characters

$250 shipped

All this plus a character I cannot put in a faction (thats like 12 resin characters),the book,a big battlefoam bag almost full of foam, and one western style building. All mint brand new. I have not added up the MSRP in a while , but I seem to recall around $400 (minis only) a long time ago. I could be wrong ,but I will figure that out. The bag I am pretty sure retails for $136 and the building is pretty cool. I think its roughly $600 in stuff.

I will try to find time to id the Individual characters, but they are unlabled Kickstarter versions.

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