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H: GW:40k, aos, bb, Novels PP: wm/h Infinity Yu Jing , $ W lots!

If it's futuristic and it's not 40K, you've got the right place. Dystopian Wars, Infinity, Warpath, etc. goes here

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H: GW:40k, aos, bb, Novels PP: wm/h Infinity Yu Jing , $ W lots!

Post by larks » Tue May 16, 2017 7:49 pm

Hello all! Thank you for looking at my post! To start normal btown rules apply, lower rating ships/pays first etc., tracking etc. I do not send things as friends and family and do not expect you to either. All non GW products are 50% OFF retail. GW products are 40% OFF. If you spend $100 or more take another 10% off! Armies are already listed with this discount in mind however anything else you buy will have that discount applied. Of course trade is retail for retail unless your item is nib or nos or assembled but not primed. In which case I will trade in your favor. I will email any picture requests to a personal email so please ask for pictures and pm me with offers. I do not look at the post after it is posted often. My wants list is at the bottom.

GW Items

Dark elder army all primed black and built- some spiky bits may be broken but included
20 kabalites
1 razorwing jetfighter- missing canopy
1 raider
1 ravager dark lances
20 hellions
5 scourges
total $125

Necron ghost arc assembled no paint $30
1 wraith nos $10
1 wraith nos $10
2 dark angel nephlim jet fighters painted to an above table op standard (comes with laser cut battle foam tray which is why I am selling as a lot $90
1 Ravenwing Dark talon Painted to an above average tabletop standard $45
12 Vespid $60 primed
20 Kroot mixed of primed/ painted $24

Bloodbowl starter – everything is there except the ork team. Also included is the season 1 supplement that came out to player the newer teams $45
Skaven scrambler team assembled no markers $20

GW books- these are priced below and do not confer any additional discount- condition varies but most have slight cover wear. The worst case the cover is really beat but that’s few and far between.

Any of these books are $5
Gaunts ghost: the lost
gaunts ghost: the saint
Gaunts ghost : the founding
Ravenor, Honour Imperialis
legends of the space marines
blood angels omnibus
soul drinker omnibus
caphias cain: hero of the imperium
storm of magic rulebook from Warhammer fantasy

These books are $3 or 2 for $5
Tales of hereasy
warriors of Ultramar
Death or glory
chapter war
age of darkness
dawn of war 2
the gilder rift
what price victory
emperors mercy
grey knights
dark adeptus
killing ground
battle of the fang
rynns world
dawn of war :ascension
heroes of the space marines
dead sky black sun
hammer of deamons
duty calls

Covus belli- YU JING ARMY $175
Selling/trading as a complete army. It is 90% primed and 30/34% painted Way below discount because I’m not exactly sure what everything is but I will mark off clearly what I assume things are to what things I know are. Some models no longer appear in the webstore.
last edition starter
Japanese secretarial missing ninja and butai
last ed warrior monks
heramaki missle launcher
4 kaung shi with chain rifles
ninja sniper
Karakuri special project
tokusestu butai doctor/engineer
I believe these are 3 hisen ( they are big and have back spikes) with combi rifles
bao troops pack- acker, sniper, 2 combi rifles
Celestine guard 4 pack
raiden sabutai
Haramaki zensenbutai 4 pack
2 robots? They are smaller then tags but biiger then the dakati kind a look like evangelion suits.
This also comes with blast and flame templates and about a dozen various condition markers. Al in all I believe it’s over $400 worth of stuff for $175.

Firestorm Armada
Not sure what is all hear so its extra cheap! $100 for everything
Terran fleet painted -battle ship, 3 cruisers, 7 frigates? , 1 carrier.
aquan fleet painted – battle ship, 3 cruisers, 5 frigates? , 1 carrier
veydreth unbuilt/unprimed battle ship, 3 cruisers, 5 frigates
a bunch of cardboard tokens and some tarrian and various other bits and pieces of ships.

Privateer Press- all models are metal and painted to tabletop or slightly below table top standard, If you want the mark 2 cards for the model please let me know before I ship.

circle orboros
boulder the stonecleaver- $5
Kromac the Ravenous- $15
last ed sculpt of Krueger the Stormlord $7
Moshar the desertwalker $5
Gnarlhorn satyr $18
gorax $10
Shadowhorn Satyr $17
Warpwolf stalker $17
woldwarden $14
wold warden $14
pureblood warpwolf $17
last ed sculpt megalith $30
druids of orboros $17
reeves or wolves of orbors not sure bc poor condition prob missing pieces $10
10 tharn blood trackers $27
6 tharn blood weavers $13
tharn ravager cheiftian ua $9
tharn wolf riders $43
Tharn ravagers $27
lord of the feast $7
tharn ravager whitemane $8
tharn ravager whitemain $8
war wolf $7
old ed black clad $7
Troll bloods
captian gunnnbjorn $9
Hoarluk Doomshaper old scuplt $9
haorluk doomshaper rage of dhunia $9
Madrak Ironhide, world ender $9
Earthborn dire troll- $17
extreme dire mauler - $25
mulg the ancient - $30
last ed pyre troll _ $9
Slag troll $10
troll axer- $10
Troll bouncer $10
krielstone and scribes $27
10 krial warriors $20
trollkin long riders- $55
kriel piper and standard $10
rune bearer warlock attachement $7
trolkin scribe $8
kiltlifter? $15

brunn and lug $18
6 hogengold $20
sylys $6

6 bloodgorgers $25

My wants-don’t care whether its nib or painted (unless noted) just tell me which:

rhinos any condition
predators / bits
devastator/ havoc bits
World eaters/ khorne-shoulderpads/ heads,
2 helldrakes
Shooty cultist from DV
land raiders any condition
cadian hvy weapons squad/bits ( must be nib or nos or just off sprue)
soulgrinder/defiler legs
Tyranofex( must have all weapon options)
mucclid spore
harpy/crone ( must have all parts for both
toxercine/new brain bug thing
astorath the grim
30k anything
sector imperialis bases

blood crusher, blood letters, blood thirster (new sculpts)
chaos hounds
aos giant/gargant ( must be nib or I will consider this really low on my list if its assembled)
5 chaos knight ( pref nib or nos but not a deal breaker)
chaos chariot ( pref nib or nos)
skull taker
2 zombie dragons ( any condition)
putrid blight kings ( anything)
plague bearers
plague drones
lord celestine on stardrake
dracothian gaurds
generals handbook
shattered dominion bases

dreamforge games
leviathan reaper ( pref nos or nib)


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