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H: Mercenaries, Warzone Bushido W: AOS, WWX, DarkAge

If it's futuristic and it's not 40K, you've got the right place. Dystopian Wars, Infinity, Warpath, etc. goes here

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H: Mercenaries, Warzone Bushido W: AOS, WWX, DarkAge

Post by webhead76 » Tue May 16, 2017 3:41 pm

Privateer press
Mercenaries (I don't have any cards for these minis all models are metal versions):
7 x sea dog crew (assembled painted table top)
2 x steelhead Calvary (metal assembled)
9 x alexia Ceinnor and the risen (3 x assembled bare on 3 thralls 1 missing head and 5 painted table top on the grunts Alexia painted table top)
1 x Magnus the traitor (partial paint needs tlc)
2 x manglers (assembled some paint metal)
1 x renegades (painted need tlc)
1 x talon (assembled needs tlc)
1 x mule (assembled bare )

Bushido (all cards included)
Cult of Yurei
Waku (assembled bare)
Wraith (assembled bare)
Nezumi (assembled bare)
Cult of Yurei starter (assembled bare)

retail : $80.00 asking $65.00 shipped as long as your in USA.

Halo Fleet battles starter box (assembled ships but bare no paint)
retail $140.00 asking $100 shipped as long as your in the USA.

Warzone resurrection:
brother hood starter:
minis are resin latest starter assembled bare cards and dice included

Cybertronics starter:
minis are resin latest starter and are assembled bare cards and dice included

2 x Tatsumodo Exclusive kickstarter minis (assembled 1 x bare 1 partial paint)
1x Screaming Devil (assembled bare)
3 x Kunshu Dragons (assembled bare have bases but missing flight stands)
4 x Crimson devils (unassembled bare)

My wants:
Age of Sigmar:
Desciples of Tzeentch (age of Sigmar)
chaos spawn
tzeentch chariots
screamers of tzeentch
tzaangor skyfires
tzaangor shaman
Tzaangor Enlightened
Cursling eye of Tzeentch
Blue Horrors
Brimstone Horrors

Morghast Archai, Morghast harbingers, vargheist, krell wight king

New Alerialle the everqueen, Kurnoth hunters, Revenants box,

plague bearers (new plastics) herald of nurgle, rotspawned,Deamonspew, putrid blightkings, gutrot spume, festus leachlord, lord of plagues, nurglings

Kharadron Overlords:
arkanaut ironclad
arkonaut frigates
arkanaut companies
arkanaut thunderers

vulkite berzerkers
hearthguard berzeerkers
Auric hearthguard

Wrath of Kings:
Shael Han:
Celestial Host
Celestial Gatekeepers
Celestial Tricksters

Wild West Exodus:
Dark Nation: Any from army just starting.
The Watchers: any from army just starting.

Dark Age:
Forsaken (newer models only please)
Kukulkani (newer models only please)
Dragyri (newer models only please)

If purchasing army, buyer pays 1st regardless of rating. I ship priority to ensure items arrive quickly. If trading, values are equal unless pieces are missing. If trading, lower ratings ship 1st. Let's make a deal!

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