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[H] WMH (~60% off!) [W] $, AoS, 40k, SDE, WoK, DarkAge, Saga

If it's futuristic and it's not 40K, you've got the right place. Dystopian Wars, Infinity, Warpath, etc. goes here

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[H] WMH (~60% off!) [W] $, AoS, 40k, SDE, WoK, DarkAge, Saga

Post by Clexis » Mon May 15, 2017 4:58 am

Howdy B-Town!

I've got some minis laying around that I'm not using and need to get rid of them. Check out what I have below, model is listed with condition, MSRP, and my asking price. Check below each faction to see what the lot price is (it's the cheapest way!). Trades are MSRP for MSRP (and I'm not talking about discounted MSRP from MM or DGI). Buyer pays shipping, in a trade, lowest ref sends first. I'm always open to ANY trade, so let me know what you have.

NOTE: Warmachine/Hordes miniatures do not automatically come with their MK3 cards. I will supply what cards I have, but due to the new printing rules, I do not have all cards.


Pistol Wraith - Assembled, Bare - MSRP: $8 - Asking: $3.50
Overseer Mobius - Assembled, Bare - MSRP: $25 - Asking: $10

Ashlynn Alternate Sculpt - New - MSRP: $18 - Asking: $7.50
Mercenaries Token Set - Used, Complete - MSRP: $16 - Asking: $7

Skorne Token Set - Used, Complete - MSRP: $16 - Asking: $7
Skorne Token Set - Missing 1 Battle Plan and Blindness Token, 1 Extra Shield Wall and Animus Token - MSRP: $16 - Asking: $7

Gatorman Witch Doctor - Painted - MSRP: $18 - Asking: $7.5
Gudrun the Wandered - Assembled - MSRP: $18 - MSRP: $7.5
Saxon Orrick - Primed - MSRP: $10 - Asking: $4

Iron Kingdoms RPG
Sir Ekkrion, Paladin of Menoth - Primed - MSRP: $6 - Asking: $2.50

Mercenaries Faction Logo Pin - NIB - MSRP: $7 - Asking: $3
Chibi Aurora Pin - Used - MSRP: $7 - Asking: $3
Chibi Lucant Pin - Used - MSRP: $7 - Asking: $3
Chibi Servath Pin - Used - MSRP: $6 - Asking: $2.50
Chibi Xerxis Pin - Used - MSRP: $7 - Asking: $3
Chibi Morvahna Pin - Used - MSRP: $6 - Asking: $2.50
Morghoul Pin - Used, Missing One Backer - MSRP: $9 - Asking: $3.00
Northern Crusade Badge Pin - Used - MSRP: $7 - Asking: $3
Mercenaries Patch - New - MSRP: $5 - Asking: $2
Warmachine Quick Measuring Set - Used - MSRP: $8 - Asking: $3.50
Warmchine & Hordes Wound Markers (30mm and 50mm) - Used - MSRP: $10 - Asking: $4
Wooden Quick Measuring Set - Used - MSRP: $10 - Asking: $40
Exigence Skorne Event Coin - Asking: $4
Exigence Skorne Event Coin - Asking: $4
Kickstarter Sturgis the Corrupted Coin - Asking: $4
Reckoning Mercenaries Coin - Asking: $5
Steamroller Mk2 3rd Place Coin - Asking: $5
Gargantuans Skorne Coin - Asking: $5


Age of Sigmar
Nurgle - Don't need anymore plaguebearers, but I'm interested in pretty much anything else
Grand Alliance Death - Open to anything but the Deathlords

Tau - I have nothing, let's talk
Necron - I have nothing, let's talk
Grey Knights - I have nothing, let's talk

Super Dungeon Explore
I have the base game and a few expansions, whatcha got?

Wrath of Kings
Shael Han - FuLung Devourer
Shael Han - Celestial Tricksters
Shael Han - Celestial Gatekeepers
Shael Han - Winterhawk
Shael Han - Warchild
Rising Conflicts Book

Dark Age
Ice Caste Dragyri, Let's Talk

What nation do you have? I'm interested!

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