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W: Knight Models Marvel / H: misc & $

If it's futuristic and it's not 40K, you've got the right place. Dystopian Wars, Infinity, Warpath, etc. goes here

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W: Knight Models Marvel / H: misc & $

Post by Mr Ruffles » Mon May 15, 2017 4:28 am

Looking for Marvel figs.

sitor's TIE Expansion Pack
Mist Hunter Expansion Pack

---Attack Wing D&D---
Gold Dragon Expansion Pack
Red Dracolich Expansion Pack
Drow Elf Ranger Drizzt Expansion Pack
Bronze Dragon Expansion Pack

---Bushido Miniatures---
-Ito Clan
Child of Orochi
Okyo Archer
Yuui Ito
Shimogama Vipers
Mizuki Ito
Jade Mamba Guard
Masunagi Ito
Kaihime Ito
Kenzo Ito

---Board games ---
Mystery of the Abbey
(maybe others, let me know what you have)

---WotC Minis---
Colossal AT-AT Walker
Battle of Hoth set

---Bolt Action---
Pegasus Bridge Box
D Day Firefight Box

-Marvel Miniature Game

nib = new in box/bag
nos = new on sprue
sp = semi painted
pr = primed
bm = bare metal
bp = bare plastic
sc = soft cover
hc = hard cover

Unless noted PP units are max size. Unless nib most figs are in some stage of assembled.
PP items DO NOT come with MK3 cards

Iron Lich Asphyxious 2010 - bm
Pirate Queen Skarre - pr
Reaper (plastic) - pr
Bane Thralls unit of 10 (new, metal) - bm
Bane Thrall Officer and Standard - bm
Bane Thralls unit of 10 (old, metal) - pr
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls - bm
The Withershadow Combine -pr
Bane Lord Tartarus - bm
Satyxis Raider Captain x 2 - pr
Warwitch Siren x2 - Prada

Captain Allister Caine - bm
Commander Adept Nemo - bm
Commander Coleman Stryker - bp
Lord General Coleman Stryker - bm
Commander Dalin Sturgis - bm
General Adept Nemo - pr
Lord Commander Stryker - bm
Major Markus “Siege” Brisbane (old) - pr
Hunter x2 - sp
Ironclad - pr
Captain Jonas Murdoch - bm
Stormsmith Storm Tower (missing hose) - bm
Stormsmith Storm Tower - bm
Trencher Commandos - pr
Long Gunner Infantry Officer & Standard - nib
Trencher Commandos - pr
Trencher Commando Scattergunner - bm
Sword Knight Officer & Standard - nib
Captain Arlan Strangewayes - bm
Captain Maxwell Finn - bm
Lieutenant Allison Jakes - bm
Squire - pr

Marauder/Juggernaut kit - nib
Iron Fang Uhlan Unit of 5 - pr
Winter Guard Officer & Standard - pr
Winter Guard Mortar Crew x2 - pr
Kovnik Jozef Gaigorovich - pr

Galleon (pinned) - bp
Captain Sam MacHorne & the Devil Dogs - sp
Croe's Cutthroats (unit of 6) one missing a arm - p
Greygore Boomhowler & Co. - bm
Sea Dog Deck Gun Crew - bm
Steelhead Halberdiers (metal) x2 - pr
Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire - bm
Anastasia di Bray - bm
Doc Killingsworth - bm
First Mate Hawk - bm
Harlan Phineas Versh, Illuminated One - bm
Lord Rockbottom - bm
Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile - bm
Ogrun Bokur - sp
Orin Midwinter - bm
Raluk Moorclaw, the Ironmonger - bm
Taryn di la Rovissi - bm

Testament of Menoth - nib
The High Reclaimer - nib

Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper - nib

Bradigus Thorle the Runecarver - p
Morvahna the Dawnshadow - pr
Gorax (new one) - pr
Warpwolf Stalker - bp
Nuala the Huntress - pr
Sentry Stone & Mannikins - 1 sp
Shifting Stones x2 - 1 p, 1 sp
Tharn Bloodtrackers - pr
Lord of the feast - pr

Legion of Everblight
Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight - bm
Absylonia, Terror of Everblight - p
Bethayne and Belphagor - bm
Kallus, Wrath of Everblight -pr
Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight - pr
Rhyas, Sigil of Everblight - pr
Thagrosh the Messiah - bm
Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (old) - bm
Vayl, Consul of Everblight - bm
Vayl, Disciple of Everblight - sp
Afflictor - bm
Angelius - bm
Blight Wasps - pr
Naga Nightlurker - bm
Nephilim Bloodseer - bp
Nephilim Protector (metal) - pr
Neraph x2 - pr
Ravagore - pr
Scythean - pr
Stinger - pr
Teraph - bm
Typhon - pr
Zuriel - bm
Bayal, Hound of Everblight - pr
Blackfrost Shard - sp
Blighted Nyss Hex Hunters x2 -1 sp, 1 pr
Blighted Nyss Legionnaires (unit of 6) - pr
Blighted Nyss Swordsmen - bm
Blighted Ogrun Warspears - bp
Blighted Swordsmen Abbot & Champion - bm
Captain Farilor & Standard Blighted Nyss Legionnaire - bm
Raptors - pr
Spawning Vessel - sp
Strider Blightblades - nib
Strider Officer & Musician - bm
Strider Rangers (metal) - bm
Warspear Chieftain - bm
Annyssa Ryvaal - sp
Beast Mistress - bm
Blighted Nyss Shepherd x2 - 1 sp, 1 p
Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion - bm
Forsaken x2 - 1 sp, 1 p
Fyanna the Lash - bm
Incubi (5) x3 - pr
Spell Martyr (3) - bm
Strider Deathstalker x2 - pr
Succubus - pr
Warmonger War Chief - bm
Throne of Everblight - p
Archangel - bp

Supreme Archdomina Makeda - nib

Grissel Bloodsong - bm
Pyg Burrowers - bm
Runebearer Warlock Attachment - pr

Bloody Barnabas - nib
Sturm & Drang - nib

---Star Wars Armada
Core set
CR90 Corellian Corvette Expansion Pack
Nebulon-B Frigate Expansion Pack
Assault Frigate Mark II Expansion Pack
Rebel Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack
Imperial Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack
MC30c Frigate Expansion Pack
Home One Expansion Pack
Rogues and Villains Expansion Pack
Imperial Raider Expansion Pack

---Guild Ball---
TOWER - bm
FLINT (LE) - bp

---Wild West Exdous---
-Warrior Nation (few primed, most are bp)
Brave with Heavy Weapon Crossbow (Light Support)
Brave with Heavy Weapon Gatling Gun (Light Support)
Iron Hawk (Sidekick)
Irontooth (Boss)
Large & Small Spirit Totem Set (7 Models) (Hired Hand)
Spirit Apparition (Sidekick)
Spirit Priest #1 (Sidekick)
Spirit Priest #2 (Sidekick)
Spirit Priest #3 (Sidekick)
Geronimo (Boss)
Sitting Bull (Boss)
Sky Spirit (Underboss)
Stone Fist & Running Foot (Underboss)
White Buffalo (Underboss)
Walks Looking (Sidekick) - p
Braves Box melee (Hired Hands) x10 - pr
Braves Box ranged (Hired Hands) x10 - pr
Energy Beast (Pose 1) (Light Support)
Energy Beast (Pose 2) (Light Support)
Energy Beast (Pose 3) (Light Support)
Great Elk (Heavy Support)

Jesse James (alt sculpt) - pr
Frank James - pr
Close Combat Bandits x5 - pr
Long Range Bandits x5 - pr
Bandit with Heavy Weapon Sniper Rifle - pr
Iron Horse - pr

---Batman Miniature Game---
Red Hood - nib
Joker Elite Clowns - nib
Joker's Clowns set 2Black Mask Crew - nib
Black Mask Thugs set 1 - nib
Catwomen - nib
Batman Arkham Origins - nib

Prefecture of Ryu Starter Set - pr

--Games Workshop---
-Vampire Counts
Dire Wolves box x2 - assem

Chimera - nib

---Wings of War---
Famous Aces box
Dawn of War box

---Misc Board & Card Games---
(Unless nib, all are open and played but in good shape)
Sword and Skull
Spearpoint 1943
Run For Your Life, Candyman!
Red November
Apples to Apples
Edition Wars
Marvel Scene It?
The Lord of the Rings: Nazgul - nib

---Misc RPG Books---
-Sword & Sorcery
Ravenloft campaign setting
Ravenloft secrets of the dread realms

---D&D 5th---
Horde of the Dragon Queen
Rise of Tiamat
Curse of Strahd
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Graphite & Grime Podcast - Pathfinder RPG Actual Play
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