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H:XWing. W: FOW, MtG, SW Armada, $

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darkjedilaw ( 356 )
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H:XWing. W: FOW, MtG, SW Armada, $

Post by darkjedilaw » Thu May 11, 2017 5:48 pm

I have a large Xwing collection that is sitting around doing nothing. I would prefer to get rid of it in one go, though I would be willing to split the Scum off as a separate trade/sale.

This is the list.

1 most wanted set (1 y wing, 2 headhunters)
1 starviper
1 M-3A
2 Hawks
2 Firespray

1 YT-2400
1 Kwing
2 Y wings
1 z95
2 awings
2 ewings
4 xwings from some combination of blisters and box sets.
1 T70 Xwing from box set
1 set Rebel aces ( awing and bwing)
2 bwings
1 kwing

3 FO ties - 1 from blister 2 from box set
6 ties - some combination of box sets and blisters
1 tie bomber
1 tie punisher
2 tie phantoms
2 tie defenders
1 tie interceptor
2 imperial aces (dual interceptors)
1 lambda shuttle
1 imperial.aces (defender/bomber)
1 tie advance prototype (inquis tie)
2 tie advanced.

Warstore price is 778. Call it 700 as I am not 100% certain all cards and tokens are there as a couple acquisitions are via trade and I never verified the card counts.

I am looking for FoW or MtG in trade. Not overly particular in nationality. I do prefer BF models over other manufacturers, but it isn't a deal killer.
MtG, mainly play modern and EDH. Not looking for just piles of bulk, I have that already, but if it was needed to complete out a trade, we could make it happen.
SW: Armada....most recent releases only and possibly a few of the scum/villainy sets. Not looking for other starter sets, assault guppies, etc.
$$$...make me an offer?

If I have to dig through the cards and pull tokens, the percent reduction will drop. However, if you do want part and I end up with some rebels and imperial I can zip around the table with my son, then that might be worth doing for me.
This game is the Parchisi of my people.

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Timeh ( 78 )
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Re: H:XWing. W: FOW, MtG, SW Armada, $

Post by Timeh » Sun May 14, 2017 2:37 am

I have tons of Flames of War. I have both soviets and Germans to choose from. I have a soviet army that is painted to a table top standard that is a strelkovy company. Or I have tanks guns and infantry for germans. Some painted some NIB and some just built. I would want to trade for your Xwing


Tartarus242 ( 2 )
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Re: H:XWing. W: FOW, MtG, SW Armada, $

Post by Tartarus242 » Mon May 15, 2017 4:30 pm

X wing lot still available?

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