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H: Misc Sci-Fi W: Star Wars, Eldar, $$$

If it's futuristic and it's not 40K, you've got the right place. Dystopian Wars, Infinity, Warpath, etc. goes here

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H: Misc Sci-Fi W: Star Wars, Eldar, $$$

Post by bocatt » Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:50 am

All prices in USD. Will ship to US or CAN at actual cost, usually shipped priority.

Apocalypse Chaos board game, played once, still has everything, no damage - $20

Infinity Nomads starter + Reverend Healer, models assembled, bare metal - $25

Beyond the Gates of Antares starter set BNIB, shrink removed, rules read once - $90

Firestorm Armada:
Sorylian battlegroup, painted to a tabletop standard - $30
Terquai dreadnought and 6 cruisers, primed brown - $30
Take it all $50

Relic Knights:
BNIBags, has all the assorted junks that was in the bags when I received them in a trade (I assume all the tokens and such needed to play)
Cerci Speed Circuit Starter - $25
Star Nebula Corsairs Starter - $25
Take em both for $35

Old Fantasy Flight Mutant Chronicles. 1 core/starter and two boosters. $20

Everything traded at retail prices except for the FSA and MC stuff which will be traded below retail.

I may be willing to trade/sell

a DZC Shaltari army (half painted)
a small, mostly new Nid GSC army
an assembled Covenant HFBs Fleet (with free Covenant commander pack with busts, dice and commander cards)
some extra Infinity stuff
for the right offers. PM for lists or with offers if interested.

Star Wars Armada
Core Set
Assault MkII
Mon Cal/Home One
Squadron packs
Anything else

SW: X-wing
Protectorate Fighter
TIE striker
Imp Vets

Maybe a small Eldar/Harlequin/Dark Eldar army. 30 models absolute maximum, including any vehicles. Painted fairly well is fine (must provide pictures) assembled or new is also fine.


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