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[Infinity,30/40K,AOS,other[W]AOS,40K,paypal,other[USA only]

Post by Commisar Wolfie » Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:58 pm

I have a few things I'd like to sell or trade. I'll happily send pictures upon request. I try to be as accurate as I can and I appreciate the same. Shipping will be for U.S. only anything else is just to much expense and hassle sorry folks. Prices do not include shipping, I'll ship mostly with flat rate so add that onto prices.


30K Marines, $200 OBO
16 MKIV w/ bolter
27 MKIII w/ bolter
5 MKIV w/ Heavy bolter
3 MKIV w/ combi melta
2 MKIV w/ missile launcher
2 MKIII w/ pistol and power sword
1 MKIV w/ plasma pistol and power sword
1 MKIV w/ pistol and lightning claw
2 MKIV w/ pistol and power fist
1 MKIII w/ pistol and power fist
5 Cataphractii w/ heavy flamer, grenade launcher, power fists and 1 power sword
5 Tartaros w/ twin linked autocannon, 4 lightning claw pair

Dark Eldar
1 Archon (built, bare)
10 warriors (NoS)
10 Helions (NoS)

Age Of Sigmar
Ogre Army, $200 OBO, not splitting up.
1 Tyrant (finecast)
1 Butcher (metal)
1 Standard bearer (plastic)
1 Bragg the Gutsman (finecast)
9 Ironguts (plastic)
6 Leadbelchers (plastic)
6 Ogre (plastic)
80 Gnoblars (plastic)
10 Gnoblar Trappers (metal)
2 Gorgers (metal)
2 Scraplaunchers (metal)
2 Giants (plastic)

Ariadna want to keep this as a lot sell for $120 shipped in the US, trade for $198
Ariadna starter 6 models built and painted
Equipe Mirage 5 partially built and primed
Loup-Garou sniper built and painted
Para-commandos HMG built and painted
S.A.S. boarding shotgun built and painted
S.A.S. chain rifle built and painted
Scout sniper built and painted
Scout Ojotnik
Uxia McNeill Boarding shotgun NIP
Caldonian volunteer HMB built, bare
Mormaer T2 rifle built and painted

Hellfire and Back $15
Red Bear (nonrevised) $10
Tour of Duty $10
Bridge at Remagen $10

DZC Scourge starter, one sprue built $20

Dragon Dice $5
Daemon Dice $5
Ophidian 2350 starters + extras $5
High Command core set $15
War Stories: The Game $5
Comrades and Patriots $5
Eminent Domain Microcosm $5


Kharadron just about anything

Space Wolves: Thunder Wolves, Harald Deathwolf, Bjorn, Stormwolf/stormfang

GeneStealer Cult
Acolyte Hybrids
Neophyte Hybrids
Hybrid Metamporphs
Goliath Truck/Rock Grinder

Space Marines
Whirlwind *2
Command Squad (NIB only)

Looking for plastic Knights(Crusades),Vikings, Saxons for Saga, Crescent and Cross, Blood Eagle much prefer 28mm such as Wargames Factory and Fire Forge.

I prefer things to be unbuilt, unpainted before built and painted.
If I take the time to reply to you please reply back. Even a simple "No longer intersted" is better then nothing.
If you send me a pm simply asking for a price and you don't like the price I give you, then please feel free to remember that this is bartertown and send a counter offer.

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